Walk of Whimsy

Walk of Whimsy is a location in Treymaine territory in Gaimen City. On the outskirts of town, these public grounds boast a 10 acre box-hedge labyrinth and rose garden.

On the outside of the Labyrinth:

The labyrinth was well-maintained, the hedges watered and neatly trimmed. Courts of mowed grass were positioned here and there, with stone benches and glittering fountains - decorative and for drinking - tables and chairs, canopied towers. It was beautiful and medieval … even though a few inexplicable deaths had taken place inside the labyrinth.

Inside the center:

It was heralded by a brief sweep of stone steps bedecked with creeping ivy, and an archway cut into a hedge decorated with blossoms. It was the only way in or out to the circular center.

The center boasted a round, heated swimming pool, which was always clean and kept heated in cooler weather. It sparkled, an aqua paradise. White deckchairs were set here and there beneath yellow and blue canopies. Interesting, cleverly crafted stone statues depicted historical figures. Set at the far end was a stone cottage, within were toilets and a table of refreshments. It was so silent in the center, only now and then could you hear friends calling to one another from within, cries which would grow steadily fainter.

The hunt

Some years ago, the Walk of Whimsy was not safe after dark. A game known as 'The Hunt' was enjoyed by Treymaine assassins, where they released their victims into the maze and systematically hunted down and killed them all. 'The Hunt' was called off in 2003 and has not been played since. Nonetheless, it is still not considered a safe place after nightfall.

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