Vincent Morrow

Vincent Morrow is a fictional original character of Gaimen City

  • name: Vincent Anton Morrow
  • nickname(s): Vince, Vinny (only by Lucas)
  • affiliation: de Winter (cover- Libertine sympathizer)
  • residence: 3108 Wellington Avenue
  • gender: Male
  • born: 1972, February 29th
  • parents: Brian Morrow (Father) Wendy Morrow (Mother)
  • romances: Lucas Christensen (husband), various flings previous to marriage
  • children: None
  • occupation: Editor, Journalist/Reporter (retired)
  • portrayal: Gale Harold
  • canon / original: original
  • played by: Kai

Early History

Vincent's coming into the world in San Francisco, California was nothing extraordinary, beyond perhaps the day; being a leap year, he was born on February 29th; he jokes sometimes that he should technically be only 9 years old. Otherwise, though, nothing unusual or worth mentioning. His infant and toddler years are all fuzzy and out of his memory, though Vincent does have memories as far back as being 4 or 5 years old, and toddling around the house after his mother while his father was off at work.

Being an only child, Vincent tended to be spoiled by his ever-doting, stay-at-home mother and would eventually adapt to having attention whenever he wanted it, the source of his less than desirable behavior when he began school; still, little Vincent adored his mother, but wasn't particularly close to his father as the man spent much of his time working. So, naturally, on his first day of kindergarten, he was horrified to watch Wendy leave him in the strange building with the teacher he didn't know and a bunch of strange kids. But, he was quick to adapt, finding out that he was a very social boy; he was, however, pushy and would sometimes bully the smaller children in his class, and it would be a while before he became good enough at subtlety that his parents believed his ways had changed for good.

Elementary school and the first few years of middle school were, for the most part, very uneventful. He spent his days in school, doing homework and studying (reluctantly), and on weekends would kill hours upon hours with his friends from school. It would be high school and puberty that would start to change things for him, as Vincent hit a growth spurt, his voice cracked and deepened, and he started to take notice of something; girls. At first, young Vincent was shy, awkward and somewhat gawky, and for the most part preferred to stay out of the dating scene; however, when he was (very timidly) asked out by another girl his age, he was in no state to say no. Though he was close to his first girlfriend for a while, once they broke up, Vincent started paying less and less attention to who he was with, so much as what they could give him. Nowadays, he's less than ashamed to admit losing his virginity at 16 to his prom date.

Gaimen City

College, and Vincent would be turned onto a whole different crowd; guys. Thankfully, the university of San Francisco was diverse enough in its student body that no one thought anything of it when Vincent picked up his first boyfriend, a quiet, bookish junior by the name of Chase that had been leaving him secret admirer notes and gifts in his dorm room. Though Vincent likes to say that he had no real loves before Lucas, in actuality he did wind up staying with Chase for the better part of a year until he graduated, leaving Vincent behind. Upset at being separated from his best friend, he was quick to revert back to his old ways, finding someone to hang on his arm for as long as he decided he wanted their company.

While all of this was going on, though, Vincent was not just partying; he was also working diligently on a degree in journalism, having discovered his passion for the subject when Chase introduced him to the student paper. He would go on to graduate Cal State San Francisco with a double major in Journalism and Communications, and was quick to milk his experience for all its worth in applying for jobs at many of the local publishing establishments. It was also around this time that Vincent adopted Jack from the local shelter, very much amused by its ability to curse, and would spend much of his time teaching the bird to speak; knowing that Jack would live for a long time, Vincent became very attached to the parrot and considers him part of the family.

Admittedly, Vincent despised his first job, writing the obituaries and editing wanted ads for the local paper; thankfully, though, he made a few friends within the business and managed to climb up a few rungs in the company ladder to be promoted to writing news articles. This, however, was still not enough for Vincent and his desire for something more satisfying, he didn't hesitate to take up a job offer from a large news station as a reporter. While it wasn't as exciting as, say, world news, Vincent was very content to be out in the field chasing after politicians, police investigators and other people involved in the press, and putting his information to paper.

He would maintain this job for a number of years, until Vincent began to tire of the city he had spent (by then) 30 years of his life in. With a number of people wishing him luck (and a few others good riddance), Vincent made the move into the southern hemisphere, into Gaimen City. It would be there that he'd encounter Lucas; at first, the much-younger boy was less than thrilled to have Vincent chasing after him, but his persistence would prove to be Lucas' undoing. At first, he had attached himself to the blond man with the intent of being rid of him in a few weeks; however, that plan began to quickly fall apart as he spent more and more time with the young man, and by their first few months, Vincent was absolutely smitten and has since remained fiercely loyal to Lucas. A year and a half after they met, the two were married in a small ceremony; though Vincent's father was far from happy, his mother made no secret of being happy for him.

Now, while all of this was going on, Vincent was quietly becoming more and more disenchanted by the Family system, especially as he continued his job reporting and collected all of the ugly details that would make it to the press. It would be a few months after covering the bloodbath of the 86th Annual Black and White Ball that he would be approached by a Libertine recruiter believing he would be useful to the cause. Ever the skeptic at first, Vincent debated with himself for the better part of a week what it was he intended to do with the offer he received. In the end, though, he took the job.

Vincent eventually retired from the reporting business, deciding it made him too conspicuous to be in that kind of spotlight with the media, and took a quieter job in the same industry as an editor; this is where we catch up to present day. Vincent and Lucas have been married for almost two years, he with a job in editing and a sympathizer for the Libertine cause. He is, however, dissatisfied with being kept in the dark about what goes on within the organization, but for the time being is playing the parts he gets.


There isn't a whole lot to be said for Vincent's family; he isn't particularly close to them, primarily out of his father's lack of willingness to listen when he found his son with his boyfriend of the time. While Vincent does have some contact with his mother, he has more or less severed all ties with his father.

Love Life

Vincent's love life, before Lucas, tended to be complicated and full of let-downs both on his part and the parts of those he had kept around for his own entertainment; he was a bit notorious in high school for being a womanizer, and was really only close to his first girlfriend when he was still just starting high school. College would be where he discovered men, and would have one of the handful of long-running relationships of his lifetime with a junior called Chase. However, after Chase graduated and left the college, Vincent resumed his old ways sleeping around with whoever caught his fancy; it wouldn't be until a little while after he moved to Gaimen City that he would change his ways. This, of course, would be when he met Lucas Christensen; originally, he had intended to attach himself to the younger man the same way he did to others; but, as anyone who has met him in the past year and a half, that plan went pleasantly awry. Vincent would wind up proposing to Lucas almost two years after meeting, and they have spent almost a year and a half happily married. Since, Vincent has remained loyal and will not be swayed by others.


For the most part, Vincent gets along with his coworkers and colleagues, but of course he has his gripes; under-experienced writers are the bane of his existence,and overly confident newbies are more than likely to be put in their place with a cold glare and a stern word from him. Since he has been in the business for pretty much his entire working life, Vincent likes to make it pretty clear that he's not going to take it from younger, less experienced subordinates. He will, however, more than happily offer his advice when it is actually sought, and has on more than one occasion divested many of the secrets to his success when he was in the reporter's position.

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