Thomas Dylan

Thomas Dylan is a fictional canon character of Gaimen City


''Tom loved his job. It wasn't just work, it was a way of life. It fitted him like a glove. Few people made really good Second-in-Commands: most were just not efficient or ruthless enough, two essential qualities. And many of those who were had ulterior motives and could not be trusted. Tom could be trusted within an inch of his life, and his efficiency and ruthlessness were legendary. The name of Thomas Dylan was known in Gaimen City, spoken with awe and dread. ''

  • name: Thomas Dylan
  • nickname(s): Tom
  • affiliation: Treymaine
  • residence: Treymaine Compound
  • gender: Male
  • born: 1968, April 6th
  • parents: James Dylan (father), Michelle Dylan (none)
  • siblings: none
  • romances: Lourdes Torres (…it's complicated)
  • children: None
  • occupation: Treymaine second in command
  • portrayal: Daniel Craig
  • canon / original: canon
  • played by: Anya

Early History

Thomas Dylan has always worked, in one way or another, for the Treymaines. His family worked directly for Heather Treymaine, almost on the other side of the continent to Gaimen City. His father was in security, and was proud as punch of his only son when he was born, and decreed that he would follow in his footsteps. Tom started out that way, but went way beyond any achievement of his father - both in terms of commitment and skill.

Tom was an errand boy and messenger through his early years, completing his tasks in and around school. He studied hard not because he wanted to go on to higher education, but because he wanted to make himself as indispensible to the Treymaine empire as possible. He got good marks, sailed through high school, and went on to study Business in college. In his spare time, he learned to shoot - something which came naturally to him - he learned to fight, and he followed his superiors around in hopes of picking up every shred of knowledge that he could.

After college, Tom gave himself completely to the Treymaines. Again - he was a jack of all trades, working any job asked of him. Nothing was beneath Tom - he knew that knowledge was power, and he wanted to know how everything worked to make the machine run. His jobs included, but were not limited to: debt collection, chauffeuring, intelligence, deliveries and security, like his father. Whatever he set his mind to, he excelled in. His name began to sound on the lips of The Powers that Be. His dedication went a long way.

When Tom was twenty-five, he was working with Bruno Unit, who were little more than thugs who went out on raiding parties to the warehouses and residences of opposing Family members. In Tom's city, only two Families held power: the Treymaines, and the Hammonds. The Hammonds were not powerful enough to be counted amongst the Five Ruling Families, but they were settled in over fifty cities and considered to be a force worth reckoning with. And they were certainly putting up a good fight against the Treymaines: there was no truce in this city, just outright civil war. While on one such raiding party with Bruno Unit, the tables were turned. Bruno Unit were surprised when the Hammonds brought forth unexpected reinforcements (a complete fluke) and all members of the team, except for Tom, were killed.

To Tom's credit, he never talked. Even when they took a mallet to both his legs and shattered the bones, he would still say nothing. This was the ultimate test of his loyalty to the Treymaines, and Tom passed with flying colours.

Tom, of course, was saved from the Hammonds - the Treymaines own militia headed by Tom's father. There was talk for awhile that Tom might never really heal, and for five years he walked with a cane. But whether through sheer determination or plain good luck, his legs grew strong enough for him to be almost as nimble as he was before the torture. The arthritis he feels in his legs, especially his knees, in the mornings is sometimes unbearable. He keeps a cane on hand to help him about for the first half hour, something which he maintains as his own secret. Weaknesses should not be exploited.


Tom's father was eventually killed. He mourned his passing, but knew had died well and took comfort in that. His mother withdrew and retired. Tom moved up the ranks until he was in the innermost Treymaine circle, taking his place with Heather and her husband Michael, their lieutenants and most trusted advisors. He became indispensible to their war against the Hammonds and, when both Heather and Michael were assassinated by sharp-shooters when leaving home one night, he took over as Acting Head for five weeks until Heather's sister was located and installed as new Family Head.

Natalie Treymaine turned out to be the best thing that could have happened: under her rule, things started happening. She and Tom worked closely together, and with their combined efforts they whittled the Hammonds down over a period of six years until they were little more than unorganized gangs running amok on the streets. It was one hell of an achievement: Tom had reached the pinacle of his existence.

Not long afterwards, Tom began touring other Treymaine cities and meeting with family heads. It was a courtesy tour: touching base, exchanging information. His victory with Natalie Treymaine contained tactics that had to be shared. They were indispensible … at least they were, as long as the other cities weren't pitted against de Winter, Cheung, Moretti or Reuschel, whose resources and abilities were usually on par - and sometimes better - than Treymaine's own.

Thomas flew into Gaimen City, meeting with Corran Treymaine and his Family. He immediately recognised that the game in Gaimen was much more difficult than it was where he had come from - the stakes were higher, the enemy fiercer. The de Winter Family, in particular, were possibly the strongest and most impregnable unit he had thus far witnessed. The Jades, too, despite being younger and smaller, were surprisingly well equipped and organized. While the Treymaines were holding their own, it was impossible to tell which way the scales would tip. And by now, the renegade Libertine force was growing and causing more and more difficulties …

While in Gaimen, Thomas happened upon the most curious thing. It was not entirely by accident: long years in Intelligence and surveillance had fine-tuned his senses. And when he discovered that Corran's second-in-command and his wife were sleeping together, he was disgusted. Tom doesn't consider himself righteous when it comes to sex and marriage, but he knows what betrayal is. It was nothing short of treason, and treason is always intolerable. He didn't hesitate in informing Corran and providing evidence. Robert and Catherine were threatening Treymaine stability: that would not do.

Initially, it had been the plan to return to Natalie Treymaine's city after the end of his tour. But with the untimely but satisfying death of Robert, there was work to be done in Gaimen. Tom stayed on longer, glad to help. And when Corran offered him the position of Second-in-Command, he barely hesitated. There wasn't anything in his city to go back to - the Treymaines had secured power. Whereas here, in Gaimen, there were dangerous and wily enemies to be conquered, new challenges. How could he resist?

Gaimen City

Tom settled into Gaimen City like he had always been there. He's an excellent second-in-command. He knows the strengths and weaknesses of his boss, is able to anticipate his wishes and act in his name with complete authority. Furthermore, he knows the names of every man and woman who he and Corran come into contact with on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. He knows the names of their wives and husbands, of their children. He cares passionately about all their employees, whether their job be great or small. It is this interest in them that inspires devotion - most of them would follow Tom off a cliff if he hinted at it. And he'd do it for them. No man is expendable, they are all counted as heroes to Thomas Dylan and none die without purpose. In fact, so charismatic, well-liked, organized, resourceful and efficient is Thomas, that he could probably run his own Family if he had the desire. Plain and simple: he doesn't. Not interested. His loyalties clearly lie with the Treymaines, and Corran.

Tom was not present during the Black and White Ball. He was in the next city sealing a business deal and, upon receiving the phone call which informed him Corran Treymaine was down, he immediately returned to the city and assumed control. Tom ensured that there were no internal or external uprisings while Corran was out of action.


While Corran was in hospital, Tom received vital information concerning how Corran had been shot. He deliberately deceived Corran and told him that Stella de Winter had died on the way to the hospital. Corran had a bad reaction to the news and confessed to Tom that he was sleeping with her - which Tom was thoroughly unimpressed with and very angry that Corran was risking so much … when the woman was not even working for them.


Tom's father is no longer counted amongst the living: his mother is still alive in the city he was born in. He has not seen her for several months and has no siblings.

Love Life

Prior to Gaimen City, Tom had no notable affairs. He had a few lovers, none of them serious - his first love was the Treymaine family and his work for them.

When Tom agreed to remain in Gaimen City as Corran's Second-in-Command, there was one very important matter he had to attend to before he could relax into the role. Lourdes Torres, head of Intelligence, oozed sexuality and competency and Tom was immediately attracted to her. He proposed that they sleep together that night to get the sexual tension out of the way … and Lourdes agreed.

Unfortunately, it does not seem to have quite worked out the way Thomas planned. He is still attracted to Lourdes and, besides Corran, respects her more than anyone else in the city. He would give his life for hers without a second thought.

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