The Third Riot

The Third Riot was the third major public protest against Family Rule in Gaimen City. It followed The Second Riot in Gaimen Central and The First Riot in Saint Silvius Square.


The riot took place at the docks late in the afternoon of Friday, March 6, 2009. A number of public figures advocated to speak to a massive crowd; approximately 3000 citizens were in attendance, bearing signs and banners calling for the release of William Grant and the dissolution of the Family System. Speakers included the former mayor Miriam D'Arcy and Temeura Neil, a a prominent union figure. Raymond, the student whose impassioned speech had inspired so many at the First Riot, was also present.

The peaceful gathering was violently broken up by pro-Family supporters. Though vastly outnumbered, they opened fire on the crowd. 410 people were killed, either by gunshot wound, the result of beating or trampling. Approximately 630 protesters were injured.

Notable characters in attendance: Jennifer Kelly, Matthew Danvers and Kayla Berluski (medics) Simon Halloran and Marcos Desilver (business disrupted by the gathering) Astrid Wilding, Alice Heartland, Dee Ryan and Avish Shankar.

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