The Red Journal

The Red Journal is a fictional underground newspaper inGaimen City


Penned by Peter Quentin, the Red Journal circulates in the Gaimen City underground. It is anti-Family; and urges peaceful revolution through negotiation. The origins of the Journal are not known, but it has been in publication for at least 7 years. The Journal is the vehicle of speech and a rallying point for supporters of the PFGC (People's Front of Gaimen City) - an underground political party which recently linked up with the Libertines due to the efforts of Astrid Wilding.

The Red Journal lobbies for dethronement of the Families and just trials of their generals for their crimes, but does not support capital punishment. An ongoing theme in the journal is the demand for the release of political activist William Grant, who was imprisoned 8 years ago for alleged terrorist activity.

While written by Peter Quentin, his name is never attached to the document and he is not associated with it in any way.

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