Stella De Winter

Stella de Winter is a fictional canon character of Gaimen City


''Stella was living the dream, wasn't she? She certainly led the lifestyle that a million girls' dreams were based around. She was wealthy beyond measure, she was young and beautiful, stylish and successful, staggeringly popular even as the press ripped her to shreds, and married to a gorgeous man who wielded more power than most people could imagine. A man who, above all else, loved her. Yes, she was living the dream … the one which blocked all others. It didn't matter how powerful they were, they were not free. They would never be free.

  • name: Stella Violet de Winter (nee Saint John)
  • nickname(s): Stell, Mrs. de Winter
  • affiliation: de Winter
  • residence: de Winter Compound, Penthouse 1
  • gender: Female
  • born: 1984, November 20th
  • parents: Rose Estella Saint John (mother) Daniel Martin Saint John (father)
  • siblings: Nicholas Daniel Martin Saint John (brother)
  • romances: Harrison de Winter (husband), Corran Treymaine (ex-lover)
  • children: Cassandra de Winter (step-daughter)
  • occupation: Actress, "Mrs. de Winter"
  • portrayal: Miranda Kerr
  • canon / original: canon
  • played by: Anya

Early History

Born Stella Saint John to the right parents in the right town with the right money, she had every advantage at her fingertips. Born in London, she attended the finest schools in Europe, made connections with the rich and powerful and decided very early on she was going to be an actress. Not just any old actress, but a great actress of the stage. She bent all her will and ability towards this goal and took her gaze from her mark only to enjoy the luxuries of the wealthy.


After college, Stella immediately set about making her dream come true. She had procured herself an agent, but the business was more competitive than she had bargained for. Her money counted for little in this trade and she took her place amongst the denizens of actors who were rejected time and time again. Her spirits fell, but her resolve was not so easily swayed. She had her parents' money to prop her up and all the time in the world, right?

Wrong. Money doesn't last long if you burn through it. The Empire her parents had built crumbled to the ground: the latest manufactured beauty product caused allergic reactions in 6 out of 10 consumers - resulting in itchy rashes that took weeks to go away. The Saint Johns were sued over and over, money evaporating the moment any was made. Worse still, it came to light that not only had Rose Saint John gambled away much of their fortune, but they were nearly one and a half million dollars in debt. Maybe not a lot of money to the Saint Johns, but it was when there was suddenly not so much to be had. It was the end of an era for Stella: her inheritance gone, her parents divorced, her future suddenly uncertain.

While Stella's brother 'applied' himself and found work, Stella herself took off for Gaimen City. She was not prepared to work like a regular person, at least not forever. She was better than that! She was born for more. Unfortunately, roles were just as competitive in Gaimen City as they were everywhere else. She leased a cheap apartment and worked as a (poor) waitress to support herself while she slaved away for her big break. When she wasn't working, she discovered her love of clubs - the nightlife called to her, and she partied every chance she got.


During this time, Stella met the girl who would become her closest friend. Abigail Ryan and Stella Saint John were introduced by mutual friends at a pub gathering one evening, and immediately hit it off after they both had the same attitudes towards men and love affairs. Stella defended Abigail against an undesirable young man trying to pick her up - the man retaliated rudely, and Abby punched him in the face. They moved in together shortly after and, while they fought and loved each other like sisters, managed to stay roomates for 2 years. But Stella's career had still not taken off, and while she managed to find a few small roles, there was no light at the end of the tunnel.

Until one day, Stella attended another audition for ‘The Glass Menangerie’. She wanted the role of Laura, badly, but it wasn’t looking good. The truth was that Stella was a good, but not great, actress – and she was unlikely to make a break when there were so many others more talented than she. But what she lacked in skill she made up for with determination. Yet by this stage – having struck it out for nearly two years – even this was at an all-time low. If she didn’t get this part there was no telling what she’d do.

Salvation came in the form of Harrison de Winter, who was financing ‘The Glass Menangerie.’ He took one look at her up on the stage and, just as she was about to be dismissed, told the director to let her read the part again. Stella was cast, and so began her romance with Mr. de Winter.

For awhile she played the name card. She scraped together the last of her money and everything grand she still owned and put on one hell of a show – probably her best performance ever. She knew he must know about the fall of the Saint John’s, but that didn’t mean he knew that she was broke. One day, when he dropped her off for rehearsals, Stella told him she loved him. She was mortified and convinced that it was the end. However, he was waiting for her when she finished … and by the end of that conversation she had agreed to marry him.

They were married a year later. Stella loved Harrison, even if she did not get along with his daughters. Her career began to take off. Unfortunately, Stella was an attention whore and after awhile she didn’t get enough from her husband. She knew what his work was, and how his devotion to it was necessary … but Stella needed more.

She loved Harrison, there was no doubt about that. But from the moment she saw Corran Treymaine she could not deny the attraction … and neither could he. The chemistry was overwhelming and, after a long period of fleeting glances, she deliberately left a party they were both at knowing he would follow. They shared their first of many kisses in the hallway outside and agreed to begin meeting again … in private.

Gaimen City

Stella's reputation as a party girl became known throughout the city. Her marriage to Harrison made her famous: she was followed by flashbulbs wherever she went. Her picture would always appear in the newspaper and magazines where her style was copied, criticised and envied. Naturally, Treymaine and Jade publications weren't always very kind to her - and while Stella tried to convince herself she didn't care what untruths were printed about her person … she did. The stories that particularly bothered her were the ones that accused her marriage of being a sham or questioned her inability to provide another child for Harrison - something Stella was physically incapable of doing, and that only Harrison and Abby Ryan were aware of. The more famous Stella became the more vicious the articles were - though strangely enough, the writers who made her cry the most had a habit of disappearing and never being seen again. However, Stella did little to help herself - especially when she would go out with party buddy Eleanor Haley or her dear friend "male-version-of-me" Samson Baylor.


Her assigned bodyguards are Hamish Molloy and Blake, whom are usually seen with her wherever she goes.

At the Black and White Ball, Stella and Corran were in the middle of making a rather disturbing discovery of how they felt about one another when the Libertines opened fire. Stella was shot twice: above her hip and in her midsection. Corran, instead of instantly retaliating, caught and stayed with Stella, resulting in a bullet wound to the shoulder. It was only due to the quick-thinking of Daniel Baylor that Stella survived at all, when he rescued her from the crossfire and staunched her bleeding.

Upon waking in the hospital, Stella realised that the affair had gone too far. She loved her husband - desperately, to the point of believing that she could not live without him. For the first time she felt an all-consuming guilt for the affair … which only grew worse when Corran visited her and they confessed their love for one another. However, Stella vowed to herself that she would never see him again, and knew she had to find a way to confess the affair to Harrison.

In the wake of the shooting, Stella became a different person. Her infallibility not only in herself, but that of her world and the mortality of Harrison came to light. She withdrew - using illness or fear of being injured again as her excuse, when it is a concern of seeing Corran that is closer to the truth. She will not discuss what happened at the Ball with anyone, and the stress and guilt eating her up inside is beginning to show. She began acting strangely, trying out her matchmaking skills on Abigail Ryan and Jericho Ezra with an almost obsessive determination.

Stella's reassertion of self began with requesting Jericho Ezra teach her how to shoot: a request he filled, and followed through with presenting her with two hand-held guns for her 25th birthday. (Complete with a note not to tell Harrison!) Stella knew that for appearances sake she needed to at least act normal and began to make a serious effort to do this, even though she didn't feel it.

She was present when Nerissa de Winter was shot and killed by the Libertine assassin Gianna Elysee on November 21st. Stella was pulled out of harms way by Hamish and suffered no injuries. The death of Nerissa hardened Stella's resolve and somehow brought her closer and further away from the woman she had been pre-Ball.



Stella's family is the de Winters. She has nothing to do with her own blood - it's nothing personal, she believes, it's just the way she is. It could be interpreted that she had never quite forgiven them for the bankrupcy and soiling of the family name. After Stella was shot, her family spent days attempting to ring through to the Household for word on their daughter - they had heard what happened on the news. Stella's was not bothered about seeing them: "Do my Mum and Dad know?" Stella found herself hoping they weren't flying over to see her. She didn't think she could manage if they were. Stella realised that she didn't want to see anyone, anyone at all, not unless they were part of the innermost circle of her life. And her blood relatives just weren't there anymore. "They're not coming, are they?" She added, sounding mildly alarmed through the morphine.

Love Life

Contrary to popular belief, Stella has not had many lovers. Before Harrison, she had two boyfriends. The first, John, was her high-school sweetheart, with whom she is still on speaking terms with. The second, George, was considerably older than she, a man who couldn't decide if he wanted his career or Stella more, not realising he could have had both.

Her affair with Corran commenced because of the strong physical attraction between the two and continued for almost a year. The relationship ended following the 08 Black and White Ball, where they had confessed they loved on another in the hospital. They have not seen one another privately since.

Despite her infidelity, Stella remains devoted to Harrison. She know she loves him far beyond her feelings for Corran and, because of this, her conscience begs her to confess.

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