Simon Halloran

Simon Halloran is a fictional canon character of Gaimen City

  • name: Simon Halloran
  • nickname(s): n/a
  • affiliation: de Winter
  • residence: Unknown;; mail gets filtered to the Museum
  • gender: male
  • born: 1971, March 17th
  • parents: Howard Halloran (father), Emily Halloran (deceased, mother)
  • children: Darla Cohen (daughter, 8)
  • romances: Angelea Cohen (ex girlfriend, mother of his child), Jennifer Kelly (one night stand)
  • occupation: curator of antiquities wing at the Museum/Trafficker of black market forgeries
  • portrayal: Jason Dohring
  • canon / original: original
  • played by: Sparks

Early History

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Gaimen City

Insert short summary of Simon's recent history (Starting during rp)


Love Life

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Insert description of Simon's life at work and with his colleagues.


Scored 25 on an emotional IQ test (on a sliding scale from 0 to 155)

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