Rosalie Paleste

Rosalie Paleste is a fictional canon character of Gaimen City


''She glared at her sister when she talked about proving something, then smiled a wicked smile. ”I’m not trying to prove anything. And it’s not about the money. I belong here”. Something she had learned to live with long ago. If she believed in hell, she was sure this would be it. Not some place beyond death, mirrored to the heaven’s above, but this very city. And if there was any place she and her damned soul, or the lack of a soul, belonged, it was hell. ''

  • name: Rosalie Paleste
  • nickname(s): Rose
  • affiliation: de Winter
  • residence: Chambers street, nr 5, App. 11
  • gender: Female
  • born: 1983, October 8th
  • parents: James Paleste (father, deceased), Maria Camera (mother)
  • siblings: Michael Paleste (brother), Céline Paleste (sister)
  • romances: Jake Austin (engaged), Lorcan Ash (friend with benefit)
  • children: None
  • occupation: Dancer at Club Styx
  • portrayal: Rose McGowan
  • canon / original: canon
  • played by: Ruby

Early History

Rosalie Paleste was born in this very town, Gaimen City, on a rainy October’s day in 1983. The household she was born into was doing moderately well, and they had enough food and money to go around. She had everything that her heart desired, exept for the love of her parents. Her father was an alcoholic that payed no attention to his children what so ever. Her mother was a dancer, barely ever home to take care of the children, although she did leave them whatever money they might need. Rosalie’s older brother was the only person she could turn to within the family, and he became her best friend. Her sister was young and naieve in her eyes, and though Rosalie tried to protect her from the horrors within her home, she had no real bond with her.

She looked for love and affection outside her family home, and quickly found out that she had the ability to make people like her. She quickly became a popular girl, and concentrated on school and her friends as much as she could. She would stay outside for hours and hours, not wanting to go back home to that loveless envirronnement. She studied a lot and got good grades in school, determined to make something out of her life more then her parents ever had.

But when she became a teenager, her life changed drastically. At the age of sixteen, her home life became even worse. Her father would often come to her bedroom at night and raped her whenever her mother was not around. She tried to fight him off but she had nothing against the man he was, and only got bruises and scrapes from trying. However, she did start taking self defence classes after school, claiming she had to go to the library for homework instead. She promised herself that one day, she would be able to defend herself. She was tired of being the victem, of being taken advantage of, of being vulnerable.

An ongoing time of this has made her the person she is today, believing from that moment on that, no matter how much she loved someone, trusted them, or how much they claimed to love her, they could and would always do something to take her trust away. Why bother trusting them in the first place? Why making herself vulnerable?

Her brother, sister and mother never found out, or at least pretended to – she was never sure – and she never told them either. She kept it a secret to everyone, not wanting their pity. She was going to take care of this herself. Finish it herself. For two years she pretended that it didn’t happen. She took her mind to a different place at the moment itself, trying to block it out and secretly basking in the fact that she would one day get her revenge.

When she was eighteen, she moved out of the Paleste house and went back to Gaimen City.

Gaimen City

She arrived in Gaimen City with nothing but her pride, and soon got a job in Club Styx as a dancer.
The Styx world took her in a world of hard partying, drugs, alcohol and sex and the personallity she had developped over the last two years became even stronger. Almost a year later, when she was nineteen and had enough practice in Judo and gunfighting (with the help of Ash), she decided that it was time to take care of her past. She went to her parental house and found her “father” home (a naming she hadn’t used since she was sixteen). Her mother was out working and her brother had moved out of the house before she had. She knocked her father out and locked him into his own room, before baricading it with a table and several other heavy objects.

Then, she turned on the gas in the kitchen and let it slip through the cracks in the walls and the open doors, filling the entire house with that unmistakeable smell. Then she let the house burn down to the ground and with it her past. The explosion was always said to be an accident, even though they had looked into her parttaking. No evidence or even motive of her being the one to do it was ever found, and she was a free woman, free of her past, free of the law, free of her father.

She met her “best friend”, Mackenzie Bennett, somewhere along the way, around the same time. Even though it wasn’t a person she would normally like, she began to hang out with her and they outwardly became best friends. Even more, she trusted her. Not because she wanted to or felt it was right, but because she believed that there was nothing Jasmine Bennett could ever do to her. Jasmine was at that time dating Jake Austin, a hot guy that Rose immediately set her eyes on. She developped a small obsession for the man, and wanted him to be hers. She planned a deceiving plot to break the two up, planting little lies in both of their brains for a while. She hired a woman to call their home, asking for Jake several times. She planted a picture of an unknown blonde in one of his books for Jasmine to find. She talked to Jasmine about it, lying, lying, lying. Untill the bomb burst and the two broke up.

Half a year later, she concurred him, getting exactly what she had wanted. When she turned twenty-two, the two of them got engaged, even though she has no serious plans of actually marrying him.

To this day, Jasmine and Jake still have no clue that she was the reason behind their breakup and she pretends to be as happy and bubbly as always, "happily" engaged to Jake and still befriending Jasmine, but inside, her true personality is breaking trough, and she craves to let it out more then anything.


Rosalie has never been close to any of her family members, other then her brother Michael. But even that changed when she moved out of her parental house. She doesn't really hold value to family at this point, feeling that she is better of on her own.

Yet, she can't deny that she loved, or maybe still does love, her brother. He was the only person she could go to when she was younger, the only person she felt was truly on her side.

Her father was an abusive alcoholist, who frequently took advantage of her. When she was nineteen, Rosalie took justice into her own hands and murdered him in cold blood. She has never regretted it a day in her life. She despises her mother for never being there for her, and for turning her back on everything that happened within the Paleste household, pretending nothing was going on.

Recently, her sister moved back into Gaimen city, a fact she does not really apreciate. Although she never really had a bond with Céline, she does care about her younger sibling, and thinks Gaimen City isn't the place for her.

Love Life

Outwardly, it would seem that Rosalie's great and only love is her fiancé, Michael Paleste. She met him when he was still the boyfriend of her "best friend", and simply stole him away from her. Although she's not in love with him, she loves what he stands for and the fact that she wanted him and got him. In her opinion, he's hers, and she won't give him up.

Yet, Rosalie isn't serious about the engagement, or about basically anything in her life. She flirts with anyone she wants, and has random one night stands. Her most noticable fling would be Lorcan Ash, the manager of club Styx. If there would be anyone that really knew Rose, that was a real friend, it would be Lorcan. She met him back in the days when she first came to Gaimen City, and they slowly grew closer to eachother, becoming slightly more then just friends. The benefits are surely Rose's favourite.

Club Styx

When she was eighteen years old, she moved out of the house, finally being legally old enough to do so (her parents wouldn’t have allowed her to move out whilst she wasn’t) and got a job at Club Styx as a dancer. The first night she got there was the first night she met Lorcan Ash, a man that would soon become a sort of confidant to her. She was young and looked a mess, having barely any money and living on the streets for the moment, and she was denied the job at first. But her stubborn and hard personality didn’t take “no” for an answer, and eventually she became a Styx girl.

Now, she's been working there for five years, and is a well known face around the bar.

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