Robert Ward

Robert Ward is a fictional original character of Gaimen City

  • name: Robert Michael Ward
  • nickname(s): Bobby, Mickey
  • affiliation: de Winter
  • residence: Unknown
  • gender: Male
  • born: 1971, June 5th
  • parents: Paul O'Neal (father) Donna O'Neal (mother), Emmeline Ward (adoptive mother)
  • siblings: Jeremiah Ward (adoptive brother), Angel Ward (adoptive brother), Jack Ward (adoptive brother, deceased)
  • romances: Sarah Finn (ex-wife)
  • children: Ella Rae (daughter)
  • occupation: Sgt in Narcotic Divisions, Brigade HQ
  • portrayal: Mark Wahlberg
  • canon / original: original
  • played by: Raven

Early History

Bobby Ward had to fight from the beginning. He was born two months premature and his lungs weren’t entirely developed. The nature of his premature birth brought to life the spousal abuse that had been going on for years. He didn’t stay with his parents for long – a total of five years. From age five and on, he was in and out of different foster homes. Bobby wasn’t overly aggressive, but was never one to back down from a fight nor would he allow himself to be bullied or beat up. He always stood up for himself and the little guy that couldn’t defend himself. At the time, he was a little scrapper, still skinny with a metabolism that left him always hungry. As he grew and hit puberty, he began to bulk up. He became active in sports, but never stayed on an official school team long enough to get anywhere on account of his juvenile delinquent behavior. He was reckless and wild in the sense that he did what he wanted, regardless of rules. When he needed some quick cash, he dealt drugs and occasionally partook in them. Alcohol was his preferred method of dealing with his anger and sense of abandonment from his abusive parents wanting nothing to do with him to being bounced from different foster home to foster home.

Eventually, his careworker, Ms. Emmeline Ward, took him and three other young boys just like him in – Jeremiah, Angel and Jack. She had been the only stable authoritative figure in his life that took the extra mile to ensure he had something to eat, some clothes to wear and a haircut. Life as Emmeline Ward’s adopted children started off rocky, but soon the four became closer than blood and they loved Emmeline more than anything. She was able to keep them in line enough to get back into school and graduate. College wasn’t much in Bobby’s future, other than a sports scholarship he received from the local community college for rugby, but he took it anyway because he enjoyed playing the game. It was hard to kick his old habits, especially when he started college life as a student where partying was half the point in attending the school. Working in construction to help pay for bills helped him focus, but he was always out partying up in the night life, drinking and doing drugs. Somehow, he managed to skim by with his studies. Playing the game and working out helped him quit drugs, but alcohol remained the vice he wasn’t willing to give up just then. While in college at one of the various parties, he met Sarah Finn, a dancer at a local strip joint that was using that as a way to pay for college. She wanted to teach the third grade, ironically. The two fell in love and Bobby found himself surprisingly happy.

At twenty one, tragedy struck the mish moshed family. Jeremiah, like the rest of them, was still having trouble getting out of the underworld the four of them grew up in. He owed money to some Treymaine money sharks and they thought Jeremiah was giving them the run around. As a warning, they started with threats that eventually escalated when two of their thugs arrived at the home when Jack and Emmeline were the only ones there. Jeremiah was nowhere to be found. Jack, the youngest of the four, didn’t hesitate to defend their mother and their home when the thugs tried to rough her up and was killed. The moment Bobby, Jeremiah and Angel found this out, they swore revenge, regardless of Emmeline’s pleas. She didn’t want her boys killed. It took some months to track all those involved down, but they eventually found the right time and place to strike. Those who had any major involvement, from the thug that accidentally discharged the gun, to the man behind it all were either severely hurt or killed.

Bobby, Jeremiah and Angel didn’t get away entirely scot-free. Brigade eventually tracked them down, but didn’t have enough evidence to convict them of any major murder charges. Meanwhile, their defense attorney was able to strike a deal. Considering that they were technically aligned with the de Winters and the men that had died in the warehouse were part of a Treymaine operation that the de Winters wanted eliminated, the Ward brothers were enlisted in the military instead of being sent to prison. The three took the deal and thus began their lives as military men, despite how much they knew they would hate it.

Bobby quickly found a niche within the military by joining the SAS and eventually made his way to gunnery sergeant. He had a knack with a sniper rifle. While training for special ops that involved reconnaissance, he became friends with the man that became his partner, Donny McFarlane. The two served together through three tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan before being promoted to a particularly dangers and ‘off the books’ mission that went behind enemy lines. The two didn’t know the nature of the mission, they only knew their role as cover for the retreating troops once their mission was completed. Everything was running smoothly, until an unexpected number of hostiles chased their men across the country’s border. The mission was quickly terminated, but they were left with no way to get out, with those in command assuming that their training would see them through. Unforutnately for them, the hostiles figured out their covered location and attacked. Donny was killed when a helicopter flew over them with guns blazing. Bobby barely got out of the hot zone alive and it took him several days to get to escape back to familiar territory. This event entirely disillusioned him from his job as a gunnery and he was able to work out a deal where they would discharge him with his service in the military complete and he wouldn’t attempt any action against them.

Meanwhile, during his years in the military, he married Sarah Finn. Their marriage was rocky for a bit, but soon they were able to work things out – considering he was constantly gone, it made things hard for Sarah. However, his deal to get discharged from service opened up a new door for the two of them to finally live as husband and wife instead of housewife with a military husband. Bobby, now back in town, met up with old friends and tried to insert himself back into the life he left when he joined the service. At first, it worked for him and he made friends with a new kid in the group, Lucky Corday. Eventually, by the time he hit thirty, he found that the party life wasn’t working for him. He worked hard to get into the brigade and in order to keep the job, he had to quit that world entirely. Sarah was pregnant with their first child and gave birth to their daughter, Ella Rae. Now that he had a family, he was more focused on keeping the job, which he found he enjoyed and make a stable home life for the three of them.

Gaimen City

Bobby, working his way up the ladder in the brigade, continued to be friends with Lucky and helped him out when he needed it in getting on the wagon. He also, however, found himself making friends with a few of the other parents of Ella Rae’s preschool friends. She took to one in particular, a little girl named Mercy – the daughter of Trist Bourdain – though he didn’t know and still doesn’t know Trist’s role in the growing Libertine movement through Gaimen City.

Unfortunately, a year ago almost to the day, Bobby and Sarah divorced for unrecognizable differences. He was lenient on her, even though he had found out she was cheating on him and for quite some time. Her reasoning was her loneliness while he was in the military and that she had thought about divorcing him sooner, had he not come home and they had a daughter together. The only reason he was lenient was for Ella’s sake, especially after learning that her friend Mercy had ‘moved away’ when really Trist had informed them that she died of a lung disease she had since birth. Now, he continues to work as a sergeant in the narcotics division of the Brigade with a comfortable apartment not too far from Mary’s.


Bobby has a seven year old daughter with Sarah Finn, his ex-wife, named Ella Rae. He would say that Logan Kennedy is like another brother to him. That Atticus Conroy is the father figure he never had and Conroy's daughter, Hannah, is a little sister. The Brigade has become like another family to him, at least, he feels that if he looks at it in that light, it keeps him from hating his job too much.

Love Life

Bobby's love life is nonexistent at the moment. He will find himself at the Bordello, favoring So-Young Lee, on occasion. This doesn't mean that he isn't looking for another person to find love and companionship with, though he won't ever admit it.


Bobby's desk is at Brigaide HQ. He works the narcotics division. His best mate is Logan Kennedy and gets on well with most people there, including the ones he doesn't particularly trust, like Frank Trentino. He takes his work seriously and enjoys it for the most part. He's very good at his job and it infuriates him when Family politics get in the way of nabbing the criminal and putting him or her away for a long time.

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