Rayne Eleison

Rayne Eleison is a fictional original character of Gaimen City

  • name: Rayne Terra Eleison
  • nickname(s): Ray
  • affiliation: de Winter
  • residence: BOX 13, de Winter compound, Gaimen City
  • gender: Female
  • born: 1986, February 13th
  • parents: Derek Eleison (father, deceased), Maria Eleison (mother, deceased)
  • siblings: Older brother Markus Eleison (working overseas)
  • romances: Abel Jordan (reoccuring fling - past), Kelly DeWitt (Current)
  • children: None
  • occupation: Bartender at Club Styx, assassin
  • portrayal: Cristina Ricci
  • canon / original: original
  • played by: Jenn

Early History

Insert short summary of Ray's youth and early days (Pre-Gaimen rp)

Rayne was born and raised in Gaimen city. During her early childhood she lived a happy normal life with her family. Her mother, father and older brother, Markus. Unfortunately,as is custom in Gaimen City, happy normal lives don't usually stay that way for long. When Rayne was only twelve years old she arrived at the family home to discover what would be the crucible event to change her life forever. Both of her parents had been murdered in a horrific display of both barbarism and terrorism. Maria and Derek had been brutally murdered shortly before they had been hung up on the beams of their family home, their stomachs cut clean open exposing their inner workings post mortem to their youngest child. Even at such a young age Rayne had heard of the expression "Spill your guts."

Apparently her parents had been talking to, or about, the wrong people leaving both their children orphaned. Markus left soon after, too young to raise his young sister alone. But before social services stepped in to spirit her away, enter Daniel Baylor. The high ranking de winter affiliate took pity on her situation and took her in, not simply into the de winter family but the Baylor family. Rayne grew up around his younger brother, Sammy, who were not far apart in age as well as Cassandra de winter who would later on become one of her best friends. As she grew older the anger and remorse she felt as a child did not diminish. Every day spent with the Baylors, her second family, didn't just serve as protection to the fragile girl that was left behind but as an incentive to her carrer of choice.

Once Daniel had helped her along through univeristy, and once she had graduated with honours in Herbology, she went on to become a de winter assassin. By serving the most powerful and longstanding family in Gaimen she hoped that one day she would come across the individuals responsible for the murder of her family and do what she now does best.

Gaimen City

Rayne has undergone a lot of events in Gaimen city of late. The black and white ball the most prominant for one. Kelly deWitt more prominant still. Now Rayne has found someone important in her life, aside from her family and friends of course, it has made her reconsider what she is doing with her life. Once more, her life, the decisions she has made, is coming into question. Her former mentor, Lucky Corday, has since defected from the de winters for reasons Rayne understands and empathises with more than she should. But the idea that she could leave Gaimen behind is farther away than she cares to look now. All she wants to concentrate on now is keeping those close to her safe and the wolves at bay.


Maria Eleison - Mother - DECEASED
Derek Eleison - Father - DECEASED
Markus Eleison - Brother - Working overseas

Daniel Baylor
Sammy Baylor
Isaac & Isabelle Baylor

Love Life

Kelly deWitt -Current Boyfriend

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