Rahab Christinel

Rahab Christinel is a fictional original character of Gaimen City

  • name: Rahab Tabitha Christinel
  • nickname(s): Tabi, Wallflower
  • affiliation: Jade
  • residence: Unknown
  • gender: Female
  • born: 1986, December 16th
  • parents: Robert Christinel (father), Joanna Ylva-Christinel (mother, deceased)
  • siblings: Abigail "Gail" Christinel (sister)
  • romances: None
  • children: None
  • occupation: Bordello secretary
  • portrayal: Ines Crnokrak
  • canon / original: original
  • played by: Saga

Early History

Rahab is the eldest daughter of Robert and Joanna Christinel. She lived six years of her life with the sole attention of her parents and she looks upon her childhood fondly. The Christinel family never lived well but they managed to survive with just Robert’s income as a local bank teller. While her father was at work Rahab was able to spend a lot of time with her mother who became her world. The first person to completely have all of her devotion was Joanna. She would follow her mother around when she was little cleaning, shopping, and cooking. Her mother was also devoutly Roman Catholic and raised Rahab in the same manner. Her fondness for the Latin language came from the numerous church sermons she learned to sit dutifully through. Her mother’s favorite song that she sang often throughout the day was “Ave Maria,” and to this day Rahab still has a fondness for the tune.

When Rahab was six years old another member was added to the family, her little sister Abigail. Joanna and Robert taught Rahab the duties of being an older sibling which she took to quite well. The added financial strain of a new mouth to feed forced Joanna to take up a part time job as a waitress to help to pay the bills at a local diner. Rahab after school would go to the local day care center to wait for her mother to pick up Abigail and her. During these years, Joanna and Robert kept the family fairly insulated from the chaos of the city they lived but all things had to come to an end sometime.

One day when Rahab was fourteen she was walking home with her mother from the daycare that she helped out at afterschool, Abigail holding onto her hand. Joanna had been a bit late because of the rush of people that had come into the diner shortly before closing and so the little family walked home at a darker hour than usual. There were only a few people walking the street at night with them but Rahab did not pay that much attention to them. Before she knew it there was a loud bang near her, hurting her ears. Joanna moved quickly to cover the bodies of her two daughters as gunshots rang out from a darkened car that had slowed near them. Rahab felt a sharp pain in her shoulder a few seconds later followed by the feel of some warm and wet upon her skin. She remembered Abigail crying as their mother’s body fell limply across both of them pinning them to the concrete. Rahab screamed moving to push her mother off her when her eyes saw a man firing at the retreating car. In that moment he looked like a savior to her, this man who was defending them. As her mother lay dying on top of her the seeds of future devotion were planted within her. (Actual event would have been an attempted hit upon the man, a member with alliance to the Jade family, by one of the other families. Rahab’s family was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.)

Rahab did not take the loss of her mother well, crying for days in her room. She felt only coldness towards the people who had killed her mother, a coldness that left her with a bad aftertaste in her mouth and a longing to cause them as much pain as they did to her. Robert tried his best to hold the little family together but he was grieving as well and his halfhearted attempts did not help the sisters . It was Rahab who eventually decided to pull herself together and take up the mantle of her beloved mother. She worked to help both her father and her sister, worked to keep the house in “neat and proper order,” just like her mother. She promised herself though that she would find the man who she believed helped her sister and her that day. Rahab promised that she would help him however she could as he had tried for her that day. During the years her resolve only grew and so when she graduated she went to work to accomplish her goal.

Gaimen City

Rahab has recently graduated from college, her degree framed and placed on the wall in her room with honor. She has taken a steadfast interest in finding her savior. She has recently acquired the job as a secretary at the Bordello though she has no idea the real purpose the Bordello provides for the Jades. She only knows that it is a business strongly associated with the Jade and many men come there. A good location to do her searching.


Her mother was murdered when Rahab was fourteen years old. Her father is still alive though he seems to be suffering from some sort of illness. An illness he will not go to a doctor for since he does not trust them. Her sister Abigail commonly referred as Gail, is sixteen years old and lives with their father. She is incredibly vivacious and almost a complete opposite of Rahab. They have Rahab's complete devotion and she will do anything for them whether they ask it of her or not.

Love Life

Rahab has recently found a fascination with David Alexandre. She was captivated by his voice on a recent phone conversation and is excited about the upcoming business dinner she has with him.

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