You've arrived in Gaimen City. Fasten your seatbelt: it's going to be a rough ride.

You can find anything you want in Gaimen, if you look hard enough and ask the right questions. Information, jobs, sex, drugs, the time of your life or the end of it. Be yourself but be careful … you'll get eaten alive if you lay yourself bare.

Gaimen City is fraught with peril and excitement. The City is governed by three ruling families: de Winter, Treymaine and Jade. Constantly forging false alliances, fighting new wars, bargaining over territory and trade. Few in Gaimen City are neutral: how can you be, when almost everything is owned by either one family or another? Fence-sitters live short lives. Choose a side or have a side chosen for you.

And yet, perhaps the feud between families will be laid aside, at least for a time. Recently, a new order has emerged: the Libertines. Their agenda is not yet fully disclosed: it seems they seek to erradicate the violence and crime and restore Gaimen City to the People. You're kidding, right? The Three Families are not about to let that happen. They've begun sharing information in a bid to silence the Libertines forever, whose raids and assassinations of important players are beginning to put a strain on business. Can it be done? Or has the reach of the Libertines already planted itself too deeply in the city's foundations?

Gaimen City is an alternate reality roleplay for intermediate to advanced players. Please keep in mind that this is an adult board, with adult themes and content.

i need you so much closer

In Gaimen City, the three Families are the law. Certainly, there is a small police force - the Brigade - but they are only too aware where the power really lies. They take their orders and report back.

The de Winters are the oldest family, going back many generations. They have seen more rivals come and go than the other Families. Their roots go deep not only into Gaimen City, but to other cities scattered across the globe where other family members rule with the same iron fist. Their signature are the names of ancient Greek heroes, Gods and locations. They are arguably the most powerful of the Three.

The Treymaines are a little younger, appearing first in Gaimen City three generations ago. They too, like the de Winters, have networks in other cities. The Treymaines are known for their ruthlessness and cunning. They do not have patterns, they do not have rules. Their control over imports into the city is rapidly increasing.

By far the newest Family are the Jades, who are only in their second generation. They do not have outside Family support, though they are affiliated with other Head Families in other cities. They may have been erradicated much earlier if not for their flimsy alliance with the Treymaines; both families having strong business interests in the sex trade. This alliance has since crumbled and the Jades have assumed greater power.

The Three Heads: Harrison de Winter, Corran Treymaine and Gael Jade maintain outwardly friendly relationships. Never mind the fact that they regularly put hits on rival members and disrupt their business. They need a sense of unity to operate and keep fresh gangs out. It's not uncommon for them to pool their resources in order to meet some common goal. They have a meeting every three months, always in a 'neutral' location (not that there are many of those) to discuss general city upkeep. The 'alliance', which is a joke, is seriously threatened from within and without.

Inwardly, there are the usual inter-gang conflicts which rock the boat. The biggest of these are the Treymaine's rapid control over imports, which is beginning to put a strain on the other Two. The Jades seem to know more than everyone else - thanks to the Bordello Girls, who are trained intelligence operatives. Their unending stream of fresh information concerns the other Two. And finally, the vastly superior networks and power of the de Winters is a headache that, for the Jades and Treymaines, just won't go away. Throw some personal vendettas into the mix, some cross-Family love affairs and you're bound for Trouble Road.

Taking advantage of the fragile alliance are the Libertines. Mysterious and unknown, they're hitting out at both Families. They're claiming to be doing it for the People, for Justice, to erradicate the stranglehold the families have once and for all. It appears they're not an isolated group either - there's evidence they're all across the globe. Have they infiltrated the Families, too?

You won't see them, but they'll find you. And they may contact you at any time … or target you for assassination …

The Story So Far

Above is the main plot of Gaimen City - though of course, the board is riddled with various, intriguing sub-plots. Those include not only Gaimen City's Royal Families, but the everyday citizens of GC.

The Main Plot has advanced significantly since the opening of GC; this thread will be used to keep new and potential members abreast of the action.

A short time ago, the de Winters held the Annual Black and White Ball. It's one of the biggest social events of the year, held in the highest regard. There were two locations: the grand Boathouse for all guests, and Harrison de Winter's private yacht, the Spirit of Ulysses, for the VIPs.

During the Ball, the Libertines attacked. There was chaos in both the Boathouse and Yacht. The team of 8 Libertines had specific targets: some to kill, some to wound, some to spare completely. The casualties in the Boathouse were greater, but felt more on the Yacht. Corran Treymaine, head of the Treymaine Family, was badly wounded when he was shot in the shoulder. Moments before, the wife of Harrison de Winter was shot twice. And not long afterward, the Jade Family felt a similar sting: one of their sons was also shot. Three near-fatal shootings of some of the most important people in Gaimen City … not to mention those who were wounded, including the de Winter's and the Jade's Second-in-Commands. To add insult to the injuries, the Spirit of Ulysses was blown up beneath a shower of beautiful fireworks.

The Libertines never claimed responsibility for the attack and all operatives gave their lives during the mission. Now speculation in Gaimen City is rife - who is responsible? The Jades have the unfortunate distinction of being the popular target for gossip and blame … which is made even worse by the alliance forming between the de Winters and the Treymaines.

Then there's the strange letters and packages that have been arriving in people's mailboxes … what is going in on Gaimen City, these days? Whatever it is, it's inescapable.

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