Nolan Price

Nolan Price is a fictional canon character of Gaimen City


''Garrity lifted his hand in a…well it was kind of a wave, before shooting him a…Oh God…finger gun. Who the hell did stuff like that? Nolan hated this idiot. But, still, he…'finger-gunned' back with a phony grin that Garrity had always fallen for. He left without even so much as a word, so Nolan assumed that meant that everything had gone fine on the phone. The kids waved enthusiastically, and Nolan at least managed to return that farewell with a genuine smile and wave. Though, again, for a brief moment he thought about Cody again and his heart ached. This was just not healthy… to hurt so much when you're smiling…

  • name: Nolan Price
  • nickname(s): Hotshot (to some), Fuckface (to most), Ace (to Cathie), Price (to all)
  • affiliation: Treymaine
  • residence: Flat 6-345 Akers Dr
  • gender: Male
  • born: 1972, November 1st
  • parents: Grant Price (father), Charlene Price (mother)
  • siblings: Terrence Price (brother)
  • romances: Sabrina Carlisle (ex-wife), Paola (ex-wife), Charlotte Novak (spouse)
  • children: Cody Carlisle (son)
  • cousin: Catherine Treymaine
  • occupation: Chief Prosecutor of Gaimen City
  • portrayal: Aaron Eckhart
  • canon / original: original
  • played by: Courtney

Early History

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Gaimen City

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Love Life

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