Noemie Desjardins


Noemie Desjardins is a fictional libertine character of Gaimen City


''She was reacting to the group around her, all swarming and cheering and being there. Stupid, wonderful brave children of the revolution. She felt affection for every single idiot who was there, respected them and feared for them in that moment. She knew it was inevitable that the shit hit the fan, and she didn't have to wait long for it to happen.''

  • name: Noémie Adélaïde Ekaterina Desjardins
  • nickname(s): No, Emmy, Adélaïde, Addy, Katerina, Katya, Jardin. Alias when around Corran: Inna Slutskaya
  • affiliation: Libertines (cover: Treymaine)
  • residence: 1575 George Street, St. John Apartments
  • gender: Female
  • born: 15 July 1982
  • parents: Yves Sébastien Desjardins (father, deceased), Elena Anoushka Polyakova-Desjardins (mother, deceased)
  • siblings: None
  • romances: In love with the Doctor, who seems to be oblivious to her affections. She's fine with this.
  • children: None
  • occupation: Personal secretary and assistant to Corran Treymaine, Head of Espionage, Treymaine and Jade.

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