Mary's is a location in de Winter territory in Gaimen City. Located on the outskirts of GC proper and owned by Eric Ezra. Laid-back and casual pub.

Table of Contents


Appetizers, Soups, and Light Plates
Salted cucumbers - small or medium size cucumbers which have been kept in salted water with spices for several weeks, traditional voda snack.
Svejie Ovoshy Vegetables – salad made of cucumbers, tomatoes and onions. Usually made with vinegar or oil.
Light Medley - pieces of herring, chopped beet, cucumber, carrot, potato and oil.
Borcsh – the famous Russian soup handed down through the Ezra family, made of beet and meat, served with sour cream.
Vegetable soup - soup made of cabbage, potatos and meat. Your choice of beef or pork.

Main Courses
Meat and Cheese Omelet - Ezra style on the French dish with a Russian twist, your choice of sausage, beef or chicken.
Sausage Plate – comes in small size (2 sausages) and large size (5 sausages) with ketchup.

Side Dishes

Beer on Tap

Misc. Beverages


Mary's Employees

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