Lucy Corday

Lucy Corday is a fictional original character of Gaimen City


''She had fallen in love with Lucky very quickly. It hadn't been something she planned, or could help. It was against her better judgment. She knew what he did for a living, but had run from accepting that like she ran from everything else in life that she didn't want to deal with. She liked to think that Lucky was very separate from his work, and that what he did was for the best of reasons. And thus, through him, she became a loyalist de Winter.

  • name: Lucy Jean Corday
  • nickname(s): Luce, Lulu
  • affiliation: de Winter
  • residence: 27/133 Staves St
  • gender: Female
  • born: 1983, January 7th
  • parents: Brian Warner (father), Marianne Warner (mother)
  • siblings: Alison Jenkins (sister)
  • romances: Lucky Corday (married)
  • children: None
  • occupation: Payroll Officer
  • portrayal: Ksenia Kahnovich
  • canon / original: original
  • played by: Anya

Early History

Lucy Jean Warner entered the world prematurely a week into the new year, 1983. She was born to save Marianne and Brian's marriage, a futile and doomed effort. Her sister Alison was elder by four years, who welcomed her baby sister to such a degree that she had Lucy calling her mum before Marianne. Alison's love and attention proved to be a lifeline for Lucy, one that would last into adulthood.

Lucy was always an extremely shy girl. While Alison found it easy to make friends, and always had plenty of company and parties to go to, Lucy found she far preferred her own company to anyone else's. She found it difficult to relate to anyone, to express herself and to be interested in the activities other kids were involved in. Lucy wasn't interested in sports or drama, or even dolls. Lucy was most interested in numbers. She developed a mathematical mind, literally seeing numbers and finding problem solving more fun than chasey. Lucy wasn't at all at peace with the way she was, as a little girl or as a teenager. She wanted to be like Alison. She wanted to push herself forward and be like the other girls her age, who she admired like they were celebrities. The harder she tried, the more self-conscious she became and the more frightened of rejection she got. Eventually, she just stopped trying. It was the most spineless decision Lucy made. It was without reason - no one was cruel to her. She lacked courage.

It got worse when her parents finally divorced. It was not so much her father leaving when she was 9 that affected her so: it was what her mother did afterwards. Following job after job, they moved a total of seven times between the ages of 9 to 17. Lucy would wake up disoriented in a new house after another move, unable to remember where she was. She could never adjust to her new town, could never remember the way home or what stop she needed to get off on the train. One day, Lucy got off at the wrong stop, realising only when she had left the train station. When she went back, the train had gone and she had no idea when the next one was, or even which one to get on. She had her first panic attack that day, something which has become a reoccuring theme in her life whenever she feels out of control.


Alison left home when she was twenty, and took Lucy with her. They moved into a flat in Northern GC, sharing with a few university friends of Alison's. Lucy kept her head down and her door closed, despite Alison's efforts to integrate her. She finished high school as dux. Without any kind of social life, she spent all her time studying. It paid off. Even so, Lucy missed out on scholarships, and could not afford to attend university right away. At 18, she got a job in the Olympus Tower as Trainee Payroll Officer. It took her time to settle in, but soon she loved her job. Her superiors were impressed enough with her dedication to her work that they paid for her to attend a four-year finance course, splitting her time between the Olympus Tower and University. Lucy couldn't have been happier.

Lucy handled the paychecks of de Winter assassins and hitmen. She really had no idea whose pay she was sorting out. Whenever she got any inkling of who she was helping, she firmly pushed it to the back of her mind. Lucy didn't want to know about that. She processed timesheets and paperwork. That was all that mattered … until she met Lucky Corday on her 19th birthday. Lucy was immediately attracted to him - something she had never experienced before. Lucy had never been interested in anyone. She'd never even been kissed. She had long since decided that it was a lifestyle not in her make up. He asked her out. Terrified, Lucy said no. But he kept coming back, long after his pay dispute was settled. Lucy was excited and amazed at how her heart raced when he returned, time and time again. Every time he asked her on a date, she refused - automatically. Her life had just settled down, she didn't want another complication. She probably would have said no forever if Alison hadn't found out about it, and in a fit of anger told her that Lucy wasn't living life. She wasn't even alive. She was tolerating life, like it was a burden. What was the point of that?! That shocked some sense into Lucy and, the next time Lucky appeared, she said yes thank you, I would like to go out with you.

Lucky scared her. She found out very quickly that he liked to drink, and drink a lot. She had drank no more than a few sips of champagne at her cousin's wedding in her life, and his behaviour when under the influence scared Lucy. She tried to block out what he did for a living, she tried to convince herself she should just stop returning his calls, but it was useless. Lucy fell hard and fast for Lucky. Her sister disapproved. Her parents weren't impressed, but Lucy couldn't let go. She moved in with him, but seemed to live at Alison's just as much as at Lucky's - she couldn't stay there when he drank. Alison had convinced Lucy to leave him for good when he announced he was getting help. Alison was devastated - there was no way Lucy would leave him now. And she didn't.

They married when Lucky cleaned himself up. Her family didn't approve, but they knew Lucy was happy and that if this didn't work it'd be the end of Lucy's social ventures altogether. They made an effort, and even came to like her husband. Alison maintained a close eye on her sister, who was over the moon. She had a good job. She finished university, and was promoted twice at work - still at the Olympus Tower. She managed to avoid panic attacks for three years.

Gaimen City

Lucy continued to do well at work, receiving a few promotions and finally getting her own office. She believed completely in the de Winter cause: it was the only way she could reconcile Lucky's work as an assassin in her mind. They were the good guys: so she read and believed only de Winter press. She even went so far as to not associate with affiliates of rival families if she could help it. As for the Libertines … well, she believed they were the very worst of the bad guys! What would she have thought if she had known Jonah Harper, whom she met by chance over coffee, was a Libertine?

Lucky began to quietly express a desire to defect. Lucy, unable to cope with that concept at all, pushed it from her mind and refused to deal with it even as the complication tempted Lucky to start drinking again. Lucy was in a stable existence, she wanted it to stay the way it was.


Unbeknownst to Lucy, Lucky deliberately sabotaged one of his assignments. Before he could return home, Lucy was accosted by de Winter assassins in their apartment. She refused to call Lucky home, fearing for his safety, which almost resulted in rape. Lucky arrived before that could happen and a fight broke out in the apartment.

During a final stand-off, Lucy surprised herself by staging a diversion (she hit her captor with a fishbowl, enabling Lucky to shoot and kill him) and the Cordays were free. Lucky insisted they pack up and leave immediately. Rather than falling into old patterns and having a panic attack, Lucy went into shock and was docile and compliant. It was only later when they were driving that Lucy broke down, and Lucky had to manhandle her back into the car when she suffered her first panic attack in 3 years.

The Cordays managed to get to a hotel room in relative safety, where both are attempting to come to terms with the sudden and permanent change to their lives. With no Family protection, they're doomed in Gaimen City - unless they find a way to connect to the Libertines.


Lucy has little to do with her parents, but emulates and loves her sister Alison, who is married and pregnant. The two are extremely close and her sister protective of Lucy. Alison dislikes Lucky and has often come between them by refusing to allow Lucky to see Lucy when he comes to collect her after she has fled from his drinking. Nonetheless, Lucy consistently chooses Lucky over Alison, which frustrates her sister no end.

Love Life

…was non-existent until she met Lucky, who was her first boyfriend, first kiss, first love.

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