Liam Mason

Liam Mason is a fictional canon character of Gaimen City


''Mason had decided that when the cigarette burned right down to the filter, he was going to shoot himself in the head.

It wasn't something he planned in advance. It was just something he was going to do today.

  • name: Liam James Mason
  • nickname(s): Mason
  • affiliation: Jade
  • residence: Modbury Boulevard, Gaimen City
  • gender: Male
  • born: 1980, April 6th
  • parents: Colin Mason (father), Wendy Mason (mother)
  • siblings: Hailey Mason (sister), Rachael Mason (sister)
  • romances: Sasha Darling (ex-girlfriend), Cordelia Stanwick (ex-girlfriend), Ines Moreno (attracted to), Ellis Pennyroyal (one night stand).
  • children: None
  • occupation: Debt Collector
  • portrayal: Stuart Townsend
  • canon / original: canon
  • played by: Anya

Early History

Mason was born with a plastic spoon in his mouth. His father was an insurance salesman and not a very good one, bringing little to the table. His mother was a waitress who forgot or mixed up her orders constantly, and seemed to be always circling new job ads in the newspaper. Mason was left to his own devices for much of his childhood. He was good at inventing new games and coercing other kids to play with him. He possessed an aura of self-confidence and control that others found a little unsettling and while he may not have been the biggest kid in the playground, he was the one you listened to. He could be downright scary when he wanted to be. Which was often. You did what Mason said.

Mason was born with itchy feet. He found it difficult to stay in school, when all he wanted to do was see a bit of the world. He heard his father dryly commenting to his mother one night, when he was meant to be in bed, that he was just like his Uncle Chris. Mason had never heard of an 'Uncle Chris' before, and endeavoured to find out about him.

Find out he did. Uncle Chris had been gone a long time. Shortly before graduating from high school. Chris Mason took off and no one heard from him for months, until it somehow got back that he was in Gaimen City working for the de Winter family. Mason had felt a rush of excitement when he learned this: and finally he put his finger on what was bothering him. He thought his family life was boring. His parents were so mediocre, everything was so steady and dependable. What fun was there to be had in a life like this? He wanted to be someone.

Not long after his 19th birthday, Mason split without a word or note to his family other than a rather vague message left on Rachel's phone. He didn't proceed directly to Gaimen - he did a spot of traveling and gained a little life experience. He learned how to really drive. How to shoot. And how to use that self-confidence and intimidation to the greatest effect. In his 21st year he found himself in Gaimen City and quickly learned you just can't be neutral. The de Winters were known to him - they had a foothold in his hometown. The Treymaines he had heard of, and worked briefly for during his travels. But it was the Jades to which he was eventually appointed - probably because of the strong female presence which appealed - and after running with a few enforcement gangs he found his calling in debt collection.


Not a career for the soft or spineless. Mason was given free reign to operate as he saw fit. He found a method that worked - The Two Warnings. The first time Mason visits a client who owes the Jades, they receive a chilling warning, but are unharmed as long as they cooperate. The second visit Mason comes for payment - and will take it in cash, goods, or blood. Mason became very, very good at his job. Results were excellent.

During this time, Mason came into contact with Seung-won Lee, a man younger than himself and starting out in Jade Debt Collection. Mason took a liking to him and taught him all he could. However, Seung-won did not survive the city. Mason was not with him when the Treymaine ordered hit took him out, but he was familiar enough with the story to be able to inform his sister, So-young Lee, what had happened to Seung-won when she came looking.

Mason and So-young clicked: he made no conscious decision to love her like a sister (his own had long since disowned him) but found that he did. Where he failed Seung-won he did not fail So-young, and assisted her settlement into Gaimen City. His love for So-young is a rather sensitive spot for Mason and it is from her that he hides the darker aspects of his personality. He couldn't care what anyone else thinks of him, as long as her opinion is favourable.

While he entertained a few meaningless flings, it wasn't until he began frequenting Club Styx that Mason found a girl who really caught his eye. His romance with [[[Sasha Darling]] became central to Mason's life, even if she did not get along with Adair Wannenmacher, Mason's best friend and partner in crime. Mason came to love Sasha and they co-habited for some months.

When the relationship failed and they broke up, Mason moved out. The nature of his job for the Jades was something Mason had been square with, but without Sasha the inhumanity of it began to weigh heavily on him. He'd always drunk far more than what was good for him, but he took it to a new level. Vodka in the morning juice, living in a perpetual state somewhere between soberity and intoxication. Mason clings to morality with his fingertips. He's slipping.

Gaimen City

Mason continues to work profitably for the Jades, his drinking habits gradually escalating and leaving random, abusive messages on Sasha Darling's phone. Between work and sleep he is most often found on the roof of his apartment with Adair Wannenmacher, cooking a barbecue and drinking beer.

His date to the Black and White Ball was So-young Lee. Prior to the shooting the two flirted to make Sasha Darling jealous, though the act was stilted as they consider one another as brother and sister. After the shooting started, Mason lead So-young and an injured Sasha out through the basement and drove Sasha to the hospital. While there, Mason admitted to himself that he still loved Sasha, though he was far too proud to tell her or make any attempt to win her back.

His depression has deepened, evident in an encounter with his friend Abigail Ryan who entered his apartment uninvited during a particularly black mood. Mason had decided that, just for something to do, he would shoot himself. His gun jammed and, when Abigail learned what Mason had intended to do tried to intervene. Mason's predatory and violent treatment of her has estranged their friendship.

Mason knows he is steadily getting worse but does not care enough to stop: it doesn't matter to him if he lives or dies anymore.



Mason is estranged from his immediate family. His sisters disowned him due to the nature of his work for the Jades, and his parents live far enough away that he has no contact with them at all. He regards So-young Lee as his only family and loves her like she is his own blood.

Love Life

His relationship with Sasha Darling is technically over, but he cannot get her out of his mind. He shows up at her work drunk and leaves abusive or amusing messages on her answering machine. He believes there is no hope for reconciliation and hates himself for his inability to move on.

Mason recently broke off his relationship with Cordelia Stanwick, which was doomed to fail by his neglect of her. He has recently met and become attracted to Ines Moreno.

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