libertine, deceased

Leon is a fictional libertine character of Gaimen City


''"You fuckin' little beauty," he whispered, reloading. "You and me girl. Going places." He kissed the barrel, leaned around the corner, and blasted a string of shots at the gangplank. No one was getting on or off, as long as he yet lived.

Leon was having the time of his life. He knew he had only a few precious minutes left, and he intended to make them count. His bullets wouldn't last forever, but while they did, he would use every last one of them the only way he knew how. He considered his attitude to be a positive one. If he was going to die, why not go out in a good mood? Why the hell not? He'd lived a great life, no point in getting morose about it! And he had the greatest gift of all - he was choosing the day and manner of his own death. Now how many people were afforded that luxury?!''

  • name: Damon
  • affiliation: Libertines (cover: unknown)
  • residence: Unknown
  • gender: Male
  • born: DOB Unknown
  • deceased: 2008, June 28th
  • parents: Unknown
  • siblings: Sister, name unknown.
  • romances: Unknown
  • children: Unknown
  • occupation: Unknown

Libertines Deceased Characters

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