Lafe D'Sigismund

Lafe D'Sigismund is a fictional original character of Gaimen City


"Do not be afraid my Eurydice we won't have to look back…"

  • name: Lafe Nux D'Sigismund
  • nickname(s): Nux
  • affiliation: de Winter
  • residence: 519 Nevtelen Utca Pass
  • gender: Male
  • born: 1986, September 11th
  • parents: Stan D'Sigismund[possibly dead] Maria D'Sigismund[alive]
  • siblings: Ilija D'Sigismund[dead] Stefan D'Sigismund[alive]
  • romances: Dancing with Gilbert Sykes in secret and his head.
  • children: None
  • occupation: Male escort
  • portrayal: James Dean
  • canon / original: original
  • played by: Matthew

Early History

Born to a noble ruling family in the province of Silistra in Bulgaria Lafe D'Sigismund had a relatively spiced childhood. While his other two brother took to his father he in turn could be found constantly in the company of his mother who was much wiser than his father in many ways. Though he was the head of the household she brokered many of the deals and drafted plans with the other ruling families. Things went well until two ambitious families launched a two-prong attack against the D'Sigismunds that could not be allowed to continue. In the end Lafe family most likely would have prevailed but Maria was disgusted by the Todorova's desperate methods which included attempted poisonings and suicide car bombers.

The family moved south to their holdings in Venice and started anew. They were warmly received by the Venice power holders and quickly found things returning to the norm set back only momentarily with the untimely death of Ilija the eldest son. They grew close to a neighboring family-the Ethelstan's-and Lafe grew closer to the head of their family Issaic. This bothered Stan who had never given much thought to his middle child, and through a series of event forbade Lafe from associating with the family. He conceded until he turned 18 then fled to the confines of the families complex missing the company of this accepting entity. While there he fell deeply in love with a member of the family-Viktor and after months was engaged to the man with the blessings of the Ethelstan's head Ionice-secretly his own mother approved as well. They spent all their time together until his father in a rage seized the two and killed Viktor through a turn of events. Lafe fled the country and backpacked his way from country to continent never to return.

Gaimen City

After a very long time living out of a backpack in host families and hostels he arrived in what he learned to be Gaimen City. It was by chance that he ended up there, but he decided to stay for a few years craving human contact. He learned quickly of the ruling families, the de Winters were common table talk in his family specifically regard London, but the others were less know to him. He bought a home using money he was sure his mother deposited in his off-shore account and has settled down living within the city for a few months. Meeting a slew of colorful character he has grown content here and does not plan to leave until he is forced out.

Lafe himself has never been too content to languidly lay around and has resolved to work his way into the workings of the city. He has in turn become somewhat obsessed with the power struggle that is working[and has been] its way through the feet of the city. His obsessions focus around the Libertines an alternate front to the rule of family that has been the focus of most of his life. He does not know if he certainly agrees with their logic, but the idea of Libertine is truly entrancing.

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