Koell Medical Clinic

Koell Medical Clinic is a location in De Winter territory in Gaimen City. Two-story building, the clinic located on the first level while the doctor, Ari Koell, resides on the second floor. The basement and attic are used only for storage.

Business hours are from 7am - 7pm on Mondays through Thursdays, 8am - 6pm on Fridays, and is closed on weekends and some holidays.

Most of the clinic's patients are lower-income individuals and families, but also services patients of all incomes, social statuses, and affiliations. The clinic also makes house calls. The clinic is also loosely affiliated with Gaimen General Hospital; the Koell Medical Clinic frequently takes uninsured patients, and conversely refers patients to Gaimen General for specific, more complex cases.

Koell Medical Clinic is currently hiring.


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Ari Koell

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