libertine, deceased

Kate is a fictional libertine character of Gaimen City


''Kate wasn't afraid. She had volunteered for this and never regretted that decision, though she thought about it often enough. Time seemed to have slowed down when she had sat in that briefing room, so still, after the announcement that the biggest assignment to be undertaken in Gaimen City would require blood spilt on their part. They had been asked to the meeting because of their high level of commitment and dedication and, when she thought back on it now, not a one of them had anyone waiting for them. All of them had had their dear ones taken. They were orphans in the wide world, bound together by a thirst for revenge and justice and their united loneliness. Kate remembered putting her hand up very clearly. Yes. I will die for the Libertines on the night of June 28th.''

  • name: Kate
  • affiliation: Libertines (cover: unknown)
  • residence: Unknown
  • gender: Female
  • born: DOB Unknown
  • deceased: 2008, June 28th
  • parents: Unknown
  • siblings: Eric (brother)
  • romances: Unknown
  • children: Unknown
  • occupation: Unknown

Libertines Deceased Characters

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