Janis is a fictional libertine character of Gaimen City


''At length, she gracefully stood, twisting around to walk back to the Orchestra. She smiled as she approached the band leader, leaning forward to whisper in his ear. "Nessun Dorma, next," she said with a warm smile, and then turned and began weaving her way amongst people and tables. She needed to get in position: she had work to do. By the time the shooting started she was outside the boathouse, sitting on the gilded chairs facing the water. She had front row seats to the best show in town.''

  • name: Janis
  • affiliation: Libertines (cover: unknown)
  • residence: Unknown
  • gender: Female
  • born: DOB Unknown
  • deceased:
  • parents: Unknown
  • siblings: Unknown
  • romances: Unknown
  • children: Unknown
  • occupation: Unknown

Janis was the only Libertine to leave the 85th Annual Black and White Ball alive. She was undercover as a singer in the Boathouse public party, while reporting back to Lorenzo Guerrero as events unfolded.

She was an observer and did not open fire at any stage, and was not compromised.

Janis appeared a year later at the 86th Annual Black and White Ball. She left the building before the chaos broke out.

Her current whereabouts are unknown.


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