Jacqueline Jade


Jacqueline Jade is a fictional canon character of Gaimen City


''The thing she didn’t fully consider before helping the Libertines kill him, was that his crown had to be carried on to a new family head. A family head that didn’t have her as his queen; his younger brother Gael. Now obviously, she saw that as a big problem, because she loved her title. She loved being the wife of the family head, and now she was just the widow of the previous family head. But it wasn’t a problem that couldn’t be fixed, and this one had a particular easy solution: she just had to find a way to get close to the new family head, Gael. ''

  • name: Jaqcueline Emmanuelle Jade - Rosebud
  • nickname(s): Jackie
  • residence: Jade compound #2
  • gender: Female
  • born: 1966, November 18th
  • deceased: 2009, June 25th
  • parents: William Rosebud (father, deceased), Emmanuelle Baels (mother)
  • romances: Douglas Jade (husband, deceased), Gael Jade (crush), Nolan Price (obsession)
  • children: None
  • occupation: fashion designer and owner of 'Jackie Jade', retired model
  • portrayal: Tori Amos
  • canon / original: canon
  • played by: Gregory

Early History

Jacqueline was born in Canterburry, England, as the daughter of an elderly perfumer and his young Belgian student. Throughout her childhood, her parents never married and had a relationship that constantly knew its ups and its downs. Every time they split up, Emmanuelle Baels, Jackie's mom, would go back to her hometown, Ostend, and take Jackie with her, until Jacqueline at one point refused to go with, and stayed with her father. As a teenager, she became her fathers final student. She appeared to be a master at recognizing scents and making striking combinations that became best selling perfumes. At that point, Jacqueline started developing her love for creating things of beauty. Not only her perfumes got picked up, Jacqueline herself was also spotted at the shop, by a fairly well known American photographer, who immediately noticed the personality in her looks, and how she was a master of disguise, dressing herself up like a complete different person. He offered her a modelling job, which she wanted to accept, but her father interfered, for he had grown incredibly attached to his daughter.


When her father realized how important it was to Jacqueline, he agreed to let her go, but on one condition only: he made her a special kind of perfume, one that could be used as a bomb if she ever was in need. Jacqueline was charmed by her father's protection and asked the recipe, before she left England for America, temporary, while she was doing some modeling work. Or at least, that was the plan.
On the modelling job, she lived quite the outrageous life, getting more attention than ever, and loving every single minute of it. She was known for taking a different lover home, every night, or sometimes even a couple of guys at once. It didn’t help much with her popularity among other models, but at the same time it didn’t stop her from landing more modelling gigs. Jacqueline quickly grew well known in the business, which probably had a lot to do with just how multi useful she was; not only was she very talented as her own make-up artist, she also was her own stylist, giving herself constant make-over’s, and she never looked alike. She was a true master of disguise and a very talented designer… but she lacked class and style as a person, in every way, which wasn't a problem in the business… that really wasn't that glamorous like she had expected. And that's how her life went for a while, and she had loads of fun… but she wanted more. It wasn't until she met Douglas Jade that she knew what she wanted.

Marriage and becominging 'Jackie Jade'

Jacqueline’s life didn’t change much for a couple of years, as she was on the climax of her career. The contact with her family slowly disappeared over the years, as Jackie travelled all over the world, enjoying her new life, as a wanted, well known fashion and art model. How ever much fun it was, she always felt like it wasn’t enough; like she could have more. Like she deserved more. But it wasn’t until she met Douglas Jade that she realized what she wanted…
Douglas had taken a physical interest in Jackie, and made no bones about it. To Jacqueline, however, physical encounters were nothing new and kind of a drag, really, but she knew who Douglas was, and quickly learned about him and his family, and his position in the family. It made him very appealing and desirable to her, and she agreed to go on a date. More dates followed, and it didn’t take long before Jackie got her wish: she and the head of the Jade Family got married. She retired from the modelling scene and took her first steps in the fashion designing business, taking classes and buying supplies with the Jade family’s money. It was the beginning of a new age in Jackie’s life… and somehow, she knew that she was going to be very happy in it. She changed from cheap trash model, to classy lady, just to hold onto the hand of Douglas Jade.

Even though Jackie didn’t get married to Douglas Jade out of love, the whole matrimony did, in a way, restore her faith in the family life, and she loved the family life of the Jade’s. And the best part was that she was the Queen. The outside world thought the couple was the warm, happy centre of the Jade family. The heart of it all. And both Douglas and Jackie did their best to keep that pretence up to the public, but close friends and family members knew how things really went. They had a passionate and intense relationship, that was mostly based on the physical aspect. Emotionally and intellectually, they were nothing alike, and both of them had strong, outstanding personalities, that collided almost every single night. Jacqueline had a sharp tongue, that she gladly used to flame at her husband, and he has a hard fist, which he repeatedly used to beat up his wife. The true story behind the masquerade of happiness, was a story of abuse in the marriage life.

It was like that for a couple of years, and both of them stayed together, watching their hate grow. The fact that Jacqueline miscarried a couple of Douglas’s babies didn’t help: he blamed her for not being able to give birth to a Jade heir, and she said his punches were the cause of her miscarrying. At one point, Jacqueline couldn’t stand the sight of him, but she felt trapped in the marriage. She didn’t want to lose her job as a fashion designer, and her fashion company called ‘Jackie Jade’, because it was her passion; it was all she lived for. Until she realized, at one point, that she didn’t need Douglas to keep all of that; all she needed was her place in the family. And if Douglas Jade was around for much longer, and they would have a divorce. If that would happen, she would lose her company anyway, so what she needed was a way out of her marriage, and out of Douglas’s grip, but without a divorce…

Working with the Libertines

The thought of eliminating her husband had crossed her mind, on a million occasions, but she never really had a great plan to do it. The risk of getting caught was always too great, and it was something she just couldn’t risk. It wasn’t until the mysterious Libertines started to contact her, that the pieces of the ultimate crime puzzle started falling together. Jacqueline and the Libertines made an agreement: she would give them useful information on how to enter the private Jade properties, and they would take the blame for the murder. And that’s how the Libertines reached Douglas in his bedroom, where he was laying on his bed, groggy, because Jackie had spiked his drink to make him slow. An easy prey. They took him out, and took off, but not before claiming the murder, making it publicly known that they had murdered Douglas Jade. To Jacqueline’s great joy, she didn’t take any of the blame, and she was freed of her horrible life with Douglas. Since then, she has been keeping up the act that she misses him, playing the role of the grieving widow very well. But in reality, she couldn’t be more thrilled. She didn’t lose her company, and still owns ‘Jackie Jade’ now, working for it with a couple of guest designers, and owning a boutique that sells her designs, and has the same name as the company.

Reclaiming the throne

It wasn’t until recently that she found something was… missing. Something wasn’t like it should be, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on it, until she took into consideration what she loved and what she deserved. And what she deserved was to be the Queen of the Jade’s, like she was when she was married to Douglas. The only real issue was that the new first man, Gael Jade was married to the sleazy Devi, whom Jacqueline passionately disliked… All she has to do is get rid of Devi, and than she can take her place…

Love affairs

The most notable of Jacqueline's love affairs is of course her unhappy, but oh so convenient marriage with Douglas Jade. While she likes to think that she actually loved Douglas, she was more fond of his money and his position than anyone else. The marriage provided her with everything she need and ever dreamed of, and after she helped the Libertines kill him, she decided to never have another relationship, or at least not publicly. She knew that, if she were to remarry, she wouldn't be Jacqueline Jade anymore and she could lose her company, which she really wanted to avoid at all costs.
Since the death of her husband, his younger brother Gael Jade has taken over as the family head. While Jacqueline never had problems with Gael, she can't stand his wife, Devi. She desperately wants to get the title of 'Queen of the Jades' back and that's where her interest in Gael comes in. While there's no reason to speak of love, she is holding onto the idea of marying Gael and becoming queen once again while doing that.

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