Hamish Molloy


Hamish Molloy is a fictional NPC character of Gaimen City

  • name: Hamish Michael Molloy
  • nickname(s): Hames, sometimes Mick
  • affiliation: de Winter
  • gender: Male
  • born: 1981, December 11th
  • parents: Names unknown
  • siblings: Sophie Molloy (sister), Sylvia Molloy (sister)
  • romances: "A nice girl on the desk at Olympus" according to Stella
  • children: None
  • occupation: Bodyguard to Stella de Winter

Early History

Hamish is a Gaimen City boy, born and bred. He grew up in suburbia with his parents and little sisters, Sophie and Sylvia, enjoying a relaxed and very ordinary childhood. He played a lot of soccer and AFL football, neither very well. He wasn't sports-minded but recognised the social merits of playing. He was more interested in karate (Shotokan), something he was to stick with his whole life. But his forte, it seemed, was comedy and satire. Hamish could make anyone laugh without even trying.

He finished secondary college with a middle-of-the-road ENTER score. He had no direction, no idea what he wanted to do with himself. He took a year off between school and university with the premise being that he was going to earn some money and work for awhile. Hamish kicked around for three months, driving his mother crazy. He wasn't interested in working, he wasn't interested in further schooling. His lack of direction never bothered him - he figured something good one come along, eventually.

With his mother constantly on his back, Hamish jumped on the opportunity to move in with a few mates from school. They took up residence in a bad flat on the other side of GC. Hamish got his first job in a KFC drive thru - a job which he lost for making inappropriate jokes over the drivethru speaker. He found another job soon after at JB HIFI, working the registers with disinterest and somehow - not even he can grasp how - he was promoted into a supervisory role.

Through a friend at JB, Hamish got on to Community Radio, Blast FM. The equipment was useless, but Hamish used that as fodder for their program. Eat Your Peas became a popular late-night radio show, and while it didn't pay anything, it gave Hamish something to do with himself.

His year off was almost over. His mother was calling every night with new ideas for courses he could take at university, and Hamish was even less keen than ever to enrol. By this stage he had met Blake Gleisner … who ran with the de Winters. Hamish was fascinated by his lifestyle. He worked for a small de Winter security unit, usually posted to receive and guard imports or deliveries. Upon Blake's urging, Hamish packed in his job at JB and was hired to work with Blake's team. To this day, Hamish still has no idea how Blake did it: he had no skills to bring to the table, except for karate, which he still practiced. Surprising everyone, Hamish turned out to be a natural. He learned how to shoot with astonishing speed and aim. He was lean and of average height, but with a new gym membership he toned his muscles and started training much more intensively in karate.

With Blake, Hamish moved up the ranks, being moved to new units with more challenging objectives. He proved his worth a thousand times over - even going so far as to be hospitalized twice. The first time was when his unit was attacked during an escort of a visiting de Winter entourage from another city. Hamish fought in hand-to-hand combat before being knocked down four flights of stairs and breaking his collarbone, fracturing his skull and snapping his wrist. He walked himself into the ambulance and passed out. The second time, Hamish was part of another team whose objective was to take control of a Treymaine ship docking at GC. After a prolongued skirmish, Hamish was kicked in the chest and knocked off the side of the ship into the ocean in the dead of winter. By the time he was fished out by his own people (after victory!) he was suffering from advanced hyperthermia.

Between the two major incidents, Hamish married. It's something he regrets - it got out of his control, and fast. He met Melody Bryant through an old school friend at a get-together, and each mistook lust for love. During a four-day bender in Bali, Hamish and Melody married - something they didn't even realise until they were on the plane home and she found the certificate. They laughed it off, though they could see the horror in each other's eyes. They anulled the marriage quickly afterwards and have been trying to avoid each other ever since. Unfortunately, Melody seems to turn up wherever Hamish is, which is just plain awkward.

When Hamish was twenty-four, it was announced that Harrison de Winter was remarrying. His bride-to-be required her own security staff. Hamish was surprised and pleased when he was recommended for the job. He met with Harrison de Winter and after a rigorous and exhausting interview, he was offered the position. It was a substantial pay increase, and certainly better than past work. His friends discouraged him from it - how humiliating could it be, following some young, rich bitch floozy around? Wasn't that dangerous, being in close quarters with de Winter's wife? Was he insane?! Hamish began to have second thoughts, until he met Stella. She had just turned twenty-two, was obviously crazy about her fiance, and was delighted to meet Hamish. She was just like his sisters, and they immediately clicked. Liking and trusting Stella, Hamish made a recommendation of his own - he brought Blake on board into the second position, and repaid his old friend at last.

Gaimen City

Hamish continues to be Stella's main bodyguard. He doesn't mind this … except for when she teams up with Samson Baylor.

He'd gotten drunk with Sammy and Stella before, he remembered going with them for a late swim at night. Stella had leapt into the water in an evening gown and he'd gone in after her. The moment he'd hit the water, the wine had hit him, and it took both Stella and Sammy - giggling - to haul him out. They'd never forgotten it, or let him forget, either. It was only later he discovered that they'd done it deliberately, they had set out to see how quickly they could make him pass out and had placed bets …

Hamish likes them both - they're just a handful, and it's not uncommon for him to receive bonuses after "babysitting" them both.

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