Gilbert Sykes

Gilbert Sykes is a fictional original character of Gaimen City


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  • name: Gilbert Nicholas Sykes
  • nickname(s): Gil, Gilly, Gills, Giz, Gullible Gil
  • affiliation: Treymaine
  • residence: 1125 Center St., Sykes' Pawnshop
  • gender: Male
  • born: 1984, August 28th
  • parents: Nicholas Sykes (father), Rebecca Sykes (mother)
  • siblings: Claire Sykes (sister), Jane Sykes (sister), Lisa Sykes (sister)
  • romances: a former fiance, various non-serious past things, Lalita Chopra (one-night stand)
  • children: None
  • occupation: Pawnbroker, Shops owner
  • portrayal: Gaspard Ulliel
  • canon / original: original
  • played by: Sav

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