Five Ruling Families

The Five Ruling Families is a collective name given to the Powers that Be in Gaimen City's alternate reality.

The Five Ruling Families are the most powerful family units on the face of the Earth. They are present on every continent and in 98% of capital cities. While they do suffer smaller families to exist (such as the Jades in Gaimen City) they usually only do so if it benefits them, or if the smaller family is not a threat to their rule.

Each of the Five go back as far as a millennia: their origins and founders kept as closely guarded secrets or forgotten.

Family units operate independently: they rarely consult with one another but are prepared to provide assistance where required. If you wage war on one Family unit, you wage war on them all. Most Families and units meet at a yearly or half-yearly conference to maintain relations.

There is no record of any inner-family disputes or skirmishes, (with the exception of the Morettis) though war between the Five Families is not uncommon and the aftermath truly devastating.

de Winter

Arguably the oldest, the de Winters roots go deep. They usually commandeer ancient grounds and buildings, favouring beautiful, classic architecture to anything built within the last 200 years. Their symbols are invariably drawn from Greek and Norse Pantheons; naming their buildings, their enterprises, their very livelihoods, after heroes and stories.

The de Winter Family unit in Gaimen City is headed by Harrison de Winter and will pass to his heir, Cassandra de Winter, on the event of his death or retirement.


The Treymaine Family appeared approximately the same time as the de Winters. They share the same classical taste in many cities, though their trademarks are not as clearly recognisable and vary from leader to leader.

Gaimen City's Treymaine Family unit is headed by Corran Treymaine. His firstborn son and heir was killed, and will now pass to Evan Treymaine upon his retirement or death.


Appearing some 250 years after the emergence of de Winter and Treymaine, Moretti's influence is most felt in Europe. They are reknowed for exceptionally large families and internal conflict, which is constantly spun to the public as being caused by other Families.

They do not have a presence in Gaimen City.


The newest Ruling Family, they achieved the status only 500 years ago. They are recognised for having the most interest in astrological matters: this is the family responsible for the moon landing.

They do not have a presence in Gaimen City.


Cheung began in the East not long after de Winter and Treymaine. They command an impressive global Navy and technological advances: they spurn the past and concentrate only on the future. Commonly ultra-modern, this Family has the least to do with others and is reputedly the most vicious to their enemies.

They do not have a presence in Gaimen City.

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