:: Who are the Staff?

gaimen city was created by anya, who can be contacted through the gc.admin or stella de winter account. she is supported by two moderators, ruby and ola, whose moderator accounts are devi jade and catherine treymaine respectively.

:: Where is Gaimen City?

an ambigious, undisclosed location. it could be any major city on earth - regard it as on par with london or new york.

::Explain 'alternate reality.'

the earth exists pretty much as we know it now, with the following exceptions:
the world governments are ruling families, which are scattered across the globe,
they rule the way they see fit: no democracies here,
this has been in force for just on a millenium.

::Who are the Ruling Families?

there are many of these. in Gaimen City, they are the de Winters, the Treymaines, and the Jades. these three are not limited to Gaimen alone, but are in other cities and countries with relatives (usually very distant) as heads. globally, there are many other ruling families. the five most powerful are:

de Winter
Cheung and

::Can I play a character associated with another Ruling Family?

not really, no. de Winter, Treymaine and Jade rule in Gaimen and do not suffer competition. perhaps your character used to work for another family - that's fine. but they must be associated with one of the Three to be in Gaimen.

::What are the relationships like between families?

there's a superficial friendship going on. the heads act friendly towards one another even as they plot one another's doom. some rivals from each family do openly loathe one another, some are actually friends. this exists because at present it can, but if open war is declared this will be outlawed.

::What's the go with the Libertines? Can my character be one?

the libertines emerged about a decade ago, but have only just become a major threat to ruling families. they seem to have sprung up everywhere, silently assassinating key figures in Families and disrupting trade and functionality. they haven't openly declared themselves, no one knows who is behind them or who works for them.

at this stage, they are still in shadow. your character can work for them and receive instructions (admin plays the libertines at the moment) but they cannot openly be associated with them.

at some point in the rpg, they will declare themselves and any characters working for them can switch allegiences.

::How do the Police/Army/Government/etc fit in?

The Police are known as the Brigade. They're everywhere and function much the same as western police forces do in our reality. However - they are controlled by the dominating Families in that particular city. So in GC - The Brigade are in the pockets of our 3 Families. Corrupt and confusing, considering some cops are working for the de Winters, some for Treymaines, some for Jades.

Law? It's all show: everyone knows who control the Brigade and the Courts are just as corrupt.

As there are no Governments as we know them to speak of, army, air force and naval units are again controlled by the Families. However, in GC, there are no bases of this kind, so this kind of career is not very relevant in GC.

::Are the supernatural elements?

no. no more than they are in real life

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