Evita Mendez

Evita Mendez is a fictional original character of Gaimen City

  • name: Evita Mendez
  • nickname(s): Evie, Evil, Evendez
  • affiliation: Treymaine
  • residence: Unknown; mailing address: P.O. Box 7872, Gaimen City
  • gender: Female
  • born: 1985, September 17th
  • parents: both deceased, names unknown
  • siblings: estranged brother, name unknown
  • romances: Alexander Street (reoccurring fling), Iadara Flynn (past)
  • children: None
  • occupation: Bodyguard
  • portrayal: Rosario Dawson
  • canon / original: original
  • played by: Joni

Early History

Born somewhere in South America (the location still remains unknown to many, even those that know her well), Evita Mendez moved from South America to a city near Gaimen City after the tragic death of her mother in a car accident. Her father, a strict, ex-military man, moved Evita and her older brother there to get away from the haunting place where his beloved wife had died. A year or two after arriving in Gaimen, Mendez's father unfortunately became heavily involved in drugs and alcohol, leaving Evita and her brother to fend for themselves. Her brother, four years her senior, took care of Evita, making sure there was food on the table and that she went to school. He took her to the doctor and the dentist, took her shopping for clothing, and helped her with her homework. Evita owes a lot to her brother, and even now she acknowledges that, but they grew apart when she became involved with gang-related activities affiliated with the Jades at the young age of fourteen. Evita's brother, tired of having to bail her out of tough situations and even bringing her home from jail, gave her an ultimatum a few weeks after her sixteenth birthday. Evita would have to stop the gang-related things, stop using drugs, and get a good education, or she would have to move out. She packed her things that night, acting foolishly and immaturely. Her brother soon after moved away to another city, perhaps Gaimen, for the college education he had worked hard to earn and pay for. She hasn't spoken to him since 2001, but she's been waiting for him to come back and rescue her since she was sixteen.

In the meantime, her father grew worse and worse in his addictions. He took up gambling, spending his nights there instead of the back of a bar, wasting all of his money and racking up a massive debt to the de Winters. Many nights Evita's father would somehow find her, wherever she would be staying, and bother her for hours on end about loaning him some money. Little did Evita know that her father was just spending it on gambling AND drugs. He borrowed money from de Winter loan sharks that he obviously couldn't pay back. He bargained his daughter into the mix instead of paying back the debt, and someone took his offer up. Evita, having no idea what had happened, was surprised when, during the dark time just before dawn, she was kidnapped and forced into the back of a van. A man, whose identity she does not know to this day, tortured and raped her, leaving her with cigarette-burn scars in several places and a very damaged psyche. For a very long time, Evita would not talk to anyone. She detached herself from her gang, not because she had no interest in the activities anymore, but because she didn't want to be around people that would, no doubt, view her as weak. She began sleeping around with men and women, her trysts becoming violent and rough; Evita could even be seen around at the Bell & Whip, dressed to impress with some sub at her heels.

It came to a head when her control over her anger caused her to leave the gang. Since she was only loosely tied to the Jades, they were not especially sad to see her go. Without a means of income to keep her fed, clothed, and sheltered, Evita had to get into a new field of business, and thus joined several bodyguard services. She was fired from several for her mouth, and others she quit because of low pay or horrible clients. In the end, Evita's talents were spotted by someone, because the Treymaine family offered her a job as a personal bodyguard for those affiliated with the Treymaines. She took the offer, but with the jobs few are far between, Evita does odd jobs to make ends meet. A very important part of the past two years of Evita's life is marijuana. She's been using it to treat her underlying depression, to help brighten good days and make bad days seem better. It helps Evita sleep, it helps her get through a day without wanting to tear out her hair, and it keeps the nightmares away.

Gaimen City

Recently, Evita has become a marijuana provider for Lucian Panchova. Since she grows her own marijuana, Evita sells a good amount of it back to Lucian, and even runs and deals a little on the side when she really needs money.


All of her family, as far as Evita is aware of, is gone. She doesn't know where her brother is, her mother died when she was two, and her father has been gone from her life (probably dead from an overdose) since she was bargained to relieve his debt.

Love Life

Evita's personality doesn't allow her to set up a stable, loving relationship. She's very independent and even more headstrong, so finding someone that can accept her and all her quirks, faults, and flaws is hard. In the past, she's had success in relationships that lasted a fair amount of time; her longest relationship was with Iadara Flynn for a total of 18 months. It was a rocky and passionate romance between them, ending with them not speaking for a good while. Now, they're decent friends. Evita also has a weird on-and-off fling with Alexander Street that has lasted since Evita was seventeen.


Evita works exclusively for the Treymaines as a professional bodyguard. Her biggest client is Freya Bellegarde. Evita works by herself, and in between clients, she does odd jobs (such as selling mass amounts of marijuana or dealing drugs) to make money.

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