Marion is a fictional libertine character of Gaimen City


''"This is not about a handful of targets symbolic of a corrupt culture. This is about the whole world, the way of life we have accepted. And now, bad men - dangerous people - hold your life, and the lives of everyone you know, in their fists. If on a whim they decide to squeeze they will, because you mean nothing to them." ''

  • name: Donovan
  • affiliation: Libertines (cover: unknown)
  • residence: Unknown
  • gender: Male
  • born: DOB Unknown
  • parents: Unknown
  • siblings: Unknown
  • romances: Unknown
  • children: Unknown
  • occupation: Recruitment

Donovan attempted to recruit Stephania Luccidello, and failed. He smashed the doll with Marion in order to assist her in recruiting Avish Shankar.


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