Dee Ryan

Diana Ryan is a fictional canon character of Gaimen City

  • name: Dianna Abigail Ryan
  • nickname(s): Dee, Dee-Dee, Princess, Tweedle-Dee
  • affiliation: Jade
  • residence: Unknown
  • gender: Female
  • born: 1983, November 7th
  • parents: Garret Ryan (father), Lydia Ryan (mother)
  • siblings: Abigail Ryan (twin sister), Joseph Diamond (unknown brother)
  • romances: Lucian Panchova (ex-boyfriend)
  • children: unborn baby with Lucian Panchova
  • occupation: Intelligence
  • portrayal: Keira Knightley
  • canon / original: canon
  • played by: Sparks

Early History

  • born 8 1/2 minutes after her twin sister
  • followed in Abby's shadow throughout most of elementary school
  • realized that she was bi-sexual when she was in high school
  • got into the party scene in college
  • Tried cocaine for the first time in college. This resulted in a car accident that shattered her arm.
  • Was recruited by the Jade family to gather intelligence for them after college

Gaimen City

  • Assigned by the Jade family to cultivate the Treymaine's drug dealer as an intelligence asset
  • Fell in love for the first time: with the Treymaine's drug dealer Lucian Panchova
  • Is struggling to decide whether she should remain loyal to the Jades
  • Was recently in a car accident: a result of driving drunk


Love Life

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