David Alexandre

David Alexandre is a fictional original character of Gaimen City

  • name: David Gabriël Alexandre
  • nickname(s): 'The/That Kid', 'The (other) Doctor', 'The Frenchman', 'Frenchie' and to his horror 'Davey' and 'Dave'..
  • affiliation: Jade
  • residence: Unknown
  • gender: Male
  • born: 1984, November 25th
  • parents: Jean Alexandre (father, deceased), Sara Alexandre (mother, deceased)
  • siblings: Aurore Alexandre (sister, deceased)
  • romances: Jacqueline Jade (secret fling)
  • children: None
  • occupation: Dropped out Med-student / Unlicensed doctor
  • portrayal: Gaspard Ulliel
  • canon / original: original
  • played by: Seya

Early history and the murders of his family

Unlike what people may think, the first 5 years of David Gabriël Alexandre's existence were quite nice. The few memories he has from those days, he clings on to ever so tightly, because those were the happiest years of his life. David was born as the oldest son to Sara and Jean Alexander, a French/English mixed couple. They were the kind of couple that people looked at and grew envious. Sometimes women even turned their heads and sighed when they saw the pair walking down the street. The couple had met when they were just teenagers and it wouldn't be correct to call it love at first sight, but the fact was that they were probably made for each other. They got married quite young, aged 18 and 22 and they were about as happy as a couple could get. Five years into their marriage, they were blessed with a little baby boy they named David Gabriël, a name that sounded somewhat angelic to them, for in their eyes he was the most beautiful baby they had ever seen. Two and a half years later, a little baby girl completed the family.

In the few years that they had left together, everything was seemingly perfect. The parents barely argued. If they did, it was about silly things like which restaurant they would go to that evening. The kids were about everything a parent could ask for. Beautiful and peaceful. David looked after his little sister Aurore Charmeina with great care. If it hadn't been for that disastrous night, David may as well been one of the luckiest little boys in Paris. But faith decided otherwise. One night when the family had just gotten back from going to the movies and were sitting in the living room of their wealthy house just outside of the Parisian city center, disaster did hit them. Two men that were in their early twenties broke into their home. To this day, David doesn't know if it was a brutal robbery or if they were settling a score (for he never knew exactly how his parents became as wealthy as they were). But the fact was that David had just gone upstairs to his room to get something for his little sister to play with when he heard a disturbance downstairs. When he slowly and cautiously made his way down the stairs, David had to stop dead in his tracks. The sound of the gun still echoes in his ears to this day. He saw his father fall face down to the ground while his mother tried to shield the girl with both of her hands. His mother tried to reason with the men. “S'il vous plaît! Pas ma petite fille! Please, I beg-” Two shots in the chest and she was silenced. Aurore started crying at that point. “Shoot her too, her soul will be dead after tonight.” One of the men told the other one. The man with the gun hesitated for a moment but then killed David's little sister in cold blood. They looked around the room for a little while, taking whichever seemed valuable to them, but making sure they left no traces. It was only when they turned to leave through the front door that they saw the little five year old standing on the staircase, frozen in terror. And it was then he saw their faces. The man with the gun raised his arm to finish him off, but the other one placed his hand on the man's shoulder to stop him. “Not today. He'll come for us when he's ready. I can see it in his eyes. He'll come for justice.” The man with the gun looked at the other one confused, but did as he was told and put away the gun. It was as it that triggered something in David. He wanted to be with his family. He ran from the stairs toward the man, but with one agile push from the man without the gun, his head collided with the sharp edge of the banister and passed out. He has had a scar on his cheek ever since, a reminder of that night, in case he would ever wish to forget it.

What happened after that are just hazes and blurs, but he remembers waking up in the hospital and an old looking police officer telling him his house had been burnt to the ground and though his family didn't make it, he was lucky to be alive. He told them his family had died in their sleep. From that moment, David's world grew silent. He had no reason to speak anymore, because his life had been brutally torn from him. Because none of his remaining family stepped up to take him in (they were to selfish to do that), David was put into the orphanage.

Growing up

It was when he went to high school that things began to change for him. When he was old enough, he moved into a tiny studio above a florist in the heart of Paris. He had been granted a scholarship and he was now one of the youngest med students in the history of his University. The eleven years at the orphanage had deepened the scars, but he had the feeling that now he could begin working on his future. But only one year shy of his graduation, he threw it all away to pursue the thing that drove him: revenge. He left behind his life in Paris and moved to Gaiman a little three years ago, aged 23.

Working for the Jade Family

David quickly claimed a place in the Jade family as an unofficial doctor. They came to him when they were shot and needed to be patched up or when they needed medicines on the black market. Being in the position he was, he easily gained the trust of some of the higher ranked Jade's, which only helped him with his plan to find and destroy the men who ended his life in many ways so many years ago. When he is not working, David actually enjoys his life at Gaiman a lot. There are the parties, the beautiful women and the drugs when and where you wanted them. His quest continues, but more and more, he's beginning to feel at home in Gaiman. Even the constant terror doesn't bother him as much as it used to, which is quite ironic when you see how his family was killed. He both looks forward and dreads the day he will kill his family's murderers because that day will be his last day in Gaiman, and maybe even the last day of his life..

Love Life

David has never in his life maintained a serious relationship. Although he is happy with the casual flings he has with some of the most gorgeous women in Gaiman, he finds himself looking for something more than just a one-night passion. Sometimes he comes across a woman that catches his attention beyond her looks. Though he will occasionally want more, he will never tell. Falling in love makes you weak.

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