Darren Logan

Darren Logan is a fictional canon character of Gaimen City


''Knowledge is power; power corrupts. Study hard, be evil.''

  • name: Darren Blake Logan
  • nickname(s): Ren, Sunshine, Gimpy
  • affiliation: Treymaine
  • residence:
  • gender: Male
  • born: 1985, July 16
  • parents: Jordan Forester (birth mother), Alexander Mayer (birth father), Kaleb Logan (foster father), Marie Logan (foster mother), various other foster parents
  • siblings: Numerous other foster siblings
  • romances: Various
  • children: None
  • occupation: Artist, College student
  • portrayal: Leonardo DiCaprio
  • canon / original: Original
  • played by: Kai

Early History

There isn't too much to say for Darren, seeing as he never truly knew the parents he was born to. Jordan Forester and Alexander Mayer, his mother and father respectively, weren't necessarily the sorts of young people ~Jordan being 19 and Alexander 21~ to have a fling and realize in shock that Jordan was pregnant; if anything, they were too young to keep the son born to them nine months later on the 16th of July. It was not to say that they didn't love him; if anything, giving him over to what they thought would be a better life for their son was a gesture of love. What they didn't know, though, was that Darren had inherited the muscular dystrophy trait in his father's genes that would later cripple his ability to walk.

His infant and toddler years in his first foster home were hazy at best, nor was there anything of real consequence or life-changing that was worth noting. Most of what he recalls of his childhood involves numerous foster homes ~having to move either because of the parents' circumstances or some other reason that he wasn't allowed knowledge of~, though if asked, Darren can more often than not describe in elaborate detail a number of his foster siblings and parents with fond nostalgia. He's a people-lover by nature, and though it shows pretty well around people his age, as a child he was better known for being a bit shy and closed-off. Darren's leg wasn't always mangled as it is now, instead being the result of lack of the necessary therapy when one of his ankles started to show an abnormality as he was growing up, the trait inherited from his father that caused the dystrophy in his leg. It started when he was very young, at first giving the appearance that he was merely clumsy with the number of times he would fall down seemingly at random and 'cramps' in his leg, and progressing onward; unfortunately, the foster care system isn't particularly well-known for its pay, and it went untreated and eventually left the boy little choice but to walk with crutches (though he prefers to use only one, as it's easier to carry around) being unable to afford any kind of corrective braces or surgery. Upset though he was when he was younger, Darren slowly came to the realization that his misery would not fix it, and eventually learned to live with it.

At age eight, Darren settled with who would ultimately be his 'parents', a husband and wife that would raise Darren until he was old enough to move out and was no longer part of the foster system. Though the family was imperfect, Darren seeing his two first foster siblings from that home eventually adopted and replaced by other foster children, Kaleb and Marie would be the two biggest influences on him, and he eventually took their surname when he turned 18.

Gaimen City

Schooling was never really one of his strongest points; for the most part, he was the hyperactive (crippled) kid that tended to goof off frequently, preferring to doodle or chatter away with his classmates. Any of his teachers, though, could immediately take notice for the boy's proficiency in the visual arts; even something as simple as making Play-Doh structures in kindergarten to more serious sketching and perspectives in high school had Darren's undivided attention. But, of course, someone had to step in and remind the boy that without his other grades, there would be no art, and he reluctantly managed a C+ average.

High school was one of the better points in Darren's life; aside from getting out of having to take PE and run laps on a track under the sun, it offered something none of his previous schools had before; serious focus on the arts he so loved, and more mature schoolmates that, albeit a few still needing to grow up, didn't seem to stare at his leg and make him the object of pity or some kind of exhibit to oogle at. Though his other grades wavered on the pass-fail line, Darren found his gift in sketching; he discovered being very talented with his hands, and though he took to sculpture and blacksmithing when he was older, he never really lost his fascination with drawing the faces of people around him.

All the while, he was watching his foster siblings come and go, either outgrowing the system and having to move off on their own, or being adopted while he was left behind. Darren remained optimistic, despite that there was apparently no couple of parents that wanted a child that depended on the use of a crutch to walk. He graduated high school with the rest of his peers, and just as well grew out of the foster care system. Though a bit shaky on his feet going off into the world, a number of odd jobs later landed him a scholarship to an arts college, some of his work having caught the eye of Darren's favorite professor and best friend. Albeit that it didn't cover all of the expenses, Darren is currently working through his third year of college, and aims to become a painting restorer.


Despite his last name, Darren is not biologically related to Kaleb and Marie; they were the foster parents he spent the most time with before outgrowing the system and moving out to be on his own. Instead, he took their last name as a gesture of his gratefulness towards them, as they would prove to be the most dependable couple of foster parents he would encounter. Darren's real mother and father were both very young when he was born, and handed him off to give him a life they didn't think they could provide. It would be from his father that Darren inherited the muscular dystrophy gene from, and whether or not Jordan and Alexander knew of their son's affliction is currently unknown.

Though Darren does love Kaleb and Marie like a mother and father, he has many a time considered trying to find his parents; for the time being, though, his time and attention are being put into his art and studies before he can pursue that kind of search.

Love Life

Darren discovered in high school that he was bisexual, and despite initial awkwardness at being attracted to both genders, he would eventually become comfortable with his orientation. Despite this, though, Darren hasn't had many beyond a handful of relationships with both men and women; he takes pride in his current status as a virgin, living under the philosophy that he doesn't have to rush to find the right person.


Darren has had an interest in art ever since he first discovered it the way most little kids do- finger painting, crayons, markers and paper. Nowadays, of course, he has refined his techniques more, and is in the process of earning a degree in art and history to work towards a career as a painting restorer. Since he's off of his feet much of the time, he's learned to entertain himself in many different forms of art, but for the most part favors his sketching and painting abilities. Darren also makes something of an income off of his skills, usually by attending street fairs or the like as a caricature artist and selling the product.

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