Daniella Jade

Daniella Jade is a fictional canon character of Gaimen City


''Deep in her heart, she knew they were true.. everything that was said about her father, mother, and Alex… But still, Dani refused to accept it. As long as she continued to believe they were simply slander and lies, she could go on loving her family. She couldn’t stomach thinking of her loved ones doing such things…''

  • name: Daniella LeClaire Jade
  • nickname(s): Dani
  • affiliation: Jade
  • residence: Cottage 4, Jade Compounded, Gaimen City
  • gender: Female
  • born: 1989, March 16th
  • parents: Gael Jade (father), Devi Jade (mother)
  • siblings: Cameron Jade (brother), Alex Jade (adoptive brother)
  • romances: Kyle LeDesma (dating)
  • children: None
  • occupation: Unemployed, artist
  • portrayal: Lonneke Engel
  • canon / original: canon
  • played by: Dani

Early History

Daniella was born into a life of luxury and has never known differently. Not only was she born a Jade, but she is the only daughter. Throughout her life she was offered everything she could ask for and more, but always seemed to be satisfied with what she had. Or rather, dissatisfied. It wasn’t that she wanted more, it was that Daniella wanted something that would make her feel satisfied, rather than just satisfy her. And even the most expensive toys wouldn’t do the trick, however, on her sixth birthday; Dani was given a set of Playdoh, in which she found great joy sculpting various shapes and creatures, seeming to have a natural talent with it. As time went on, this talent evolved as she moved on to more advanced tools and techniques in sculpting. In fact, sitting in her room blasting 80’s music through her headphones and molding a piece of clay is the only time she seems to feel at peace lately.


Though she loves her family dearly, she was never very close with her mother, turning more often to her older brother Cameron Jade. The two of them were inseparable as children, being so close in age, and Daniella looked up to him, holding him in a state of perfection in her eyes. She was brokenhearted when he went off to boarding school, and begged her parents to send her as well. They agreed and the following year, Daniella left for Europe as well. She didn’t exactly love the life boarding school provided, but it beat being home.

While at boarding school, Daniella didn’t exactly have many friends, though numerous acquaintances, but she did meet one guy by the name of Chase Thomsen that she ended up befriending. Though Chase didn’t go to the school with her, he was attending a local university and the their friendship quickly grew.

Since her Uncle’s death, Daniella’s family seemed to be getting more and more involved in the gang scene with her father becoming the Head of the Jade family and all. And while Daniella isn’t exactly against what her family does and all that’s going on around her, she’s not exactly for it either. In fact, she finds it all tedious and pointless as the wars have been going on forever and nothing ever seems to be solved, just ending in pointless deaths. Instead of worrying about it, she chooses not to get involved at all, concentrating more on her own life and art instead.

The one thing Daniella loved about Europe is that so few people knew who she was or of her family name. No attention, no conflict, no wars. But now that she’s graduated and moving back home again, Dani is not looking forward to dealing with the wars and constant conflict again. Her plan is to concentrate on her art, hopefully find some sort of freelance work, and get a place of her own.

Gaimen City

Since returning from boarding school with her brother, Daniella has been working on adjusting back to the Gaimen City life; one she never really fit into to begin with. She has made a few vows to herself now; 1) that she will dedicate more of her time to her art, 2) that she will not remain unemployed, and 3) she will get closer to her older, adoptive brother Alex whom she feels guilty for having excluded all throughout childhood.

However, her relatively-quiet life is interrupted by a mysterious letter from the Libertines. The letter states “he is haunting your footsteps, you have been warned.” Confused and nervous about the letter, Daniella visits her good friend Astrid Wilding, who clarifies that the Libertines are looking out for her.


Naturally, Daniella attended the de Winter’s annual Black and White Ball as a guest on the VIP yacht. Daniella spoke with her mother for a bit before heading down to the boathouse to see if there was anyone down there she knew, being that the party on the boat was rather dull at the moment. However, she hadn’t been in the boathouse very long before gunshots were heard over the classical music playing. Chaos ensued, but all Dani was concerned about was her family aboard the Spirit of Ulysses. Daniella immediately heads back to the yacht, where gunfire is also heard, hoping to find her family safe. Unfortunately, many are trying to flee the party, making it difficult to head against the crowd. Luckily a friend of her father’s, Dante Furguson, helps Dani out by clearing a path and leading her to the ship’s entrance. Suddenly Dante is shot and killed on impact by a shooter guarding the ramp to the boat. Dani has little time to grieve as the shooter is luckily taken care of and she sees her mother running towards her. The two reunite, though only for a short while as Devi Jade runs back onto the ship to find her husband and son; Cameron Jade. Worried about her family too and wanting to help out, Dani runs back onto the yacht as well and soon runs into Gael Jade. Gael hasn’t seen Devi or Cameron, but has faith that they made it off and instructs Daniella to leave the boat with him as he fears there is a bomb about to explode. The two leave the ship and meet up with the wounded Alex Jade, as well as his date Ciara Martin, and Devi and Cameron arriving soon after. Only moments later the yacht explodes, flying debree scraping at Dani’s skin, though she is more concerned for her wounded half-brother. The family follows Alex to the hospital where he is sent directly to the Emergency room.

Daniella joins her family in the hospital after Alex and her mother are rushed off to the E.R. Dani is left alone in the waiting room as she waits to be called in, only to get sick of obeying the rules and demands to be let in to see her brother. When she arrives in the room, it seems that it is actually quite crowded with not only with Alex, but his date, her parents, and her aunt as well all checking up on him.

Things eventually quiet down (relatively) after the incident at the ball, but everyone’s guard is constantly up. The Libertines are exposing themselves more than ever and sending out ominous and often confusing gifts and e-mails to all of the city’s residents. Daniella is still unsure about how she feels about the reformation group, and seeks to learn more about them, but has no idea how.


A few days before her mother’s joint birthday with Catherine Treymaine, Dani is sitting in the coffee shop when she meets a man by the name of Kyle LeDesma. They talk for a bit and she realizes he’s new in town, which gives her an idea. Being that she was always dateless for these extravagant parties, which the media always seemed to point out, she figured she’d surprise them all by showing up with a date. So out of the blue, Dani asks Kyle to be her date to her mother’s masquerade, in which he surprisingly agrees to.

However, only a few days later, her old friend Chase appears on her doorstep out of the blue. Daniella is elated to see her friend once more, and even happier to hear he will be staying in Gaimen for a while. She offers him a place to stay in her spare room, in which he happily accepts.


Almost, if not all, citizens of Gaimen City know who Daniella’s family are. She is the first and only daughter to Devi and Gael Jade, current head of the Jade empire. Her father took over when his brother Douglas was murdered, taking his position as Head of the Jade family. Not only being his wife, Devi is also Gael’s second-in-command, a position that Daniella’s aunt Jacqueline Jade wishes to take. Daniella also has two older siblings; the eldest being her adopted brother Alex Jade, who’s lustful eyes she is oblivious to. And Cameron Jade, her brother who is only two years older than her, as well as her best friend. Dani is relative close to all her family members, or at least wishes to be. The closest one to her is easily her brother Cameron, the two of them peas in a pod since childhood. However, she had never been very close to Alex, and in later years she realized just how often she and Cammy went off without him, so now she is determined to make up for those years and for the bond they never had. It is clear that she is close with her father, certainly being a ‘Daddy’s girl’, but not as much with her mother. Dani loves her mom very much, but there always seems to be that wall between them that makes it harder to be close with her. However, Dani wishes desperately to break that wall and form a bond with her mother that she had always wanted.

Love Life

Dani’s love life has been… well, sparse. It’s not that she hasn’t been in a relationship before, she has, it’s just never really been that serious. You have to be pretty blunt with her if you like her, as she’s not very good at picking up on those flirtatious signals. When others are flirting with her, it either goes straight over her head, or she just thinks you’re being kind.

Another factor that seems to have played an important part in Dani’s single life is her family. Let’s just say they’re a bit… ‘over protective’ of her. Therefore, she didn’t even have a boyfriend until she went away to boarding school in Europe. The only reason she dated the guys she did was because they asked her out and they seemed nice enough. Though there was never really any connection. There were four guys Dani dated throughout the course of her four years in Europe, each only lasting about three to four months.

Currently she is dating Kyle LeDesma, whom she met randomly in a coffee shop and asked him to be her date to her mother's birthday ball. Daniella is still unaware of her brother Alex Jade's lust for her, and the love her close friend Chase Thomsen secretly holds for her.

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