Charlotte Price

Charlotte Price (nee Novak) is a fictional original character of Gaimen City


''As Nolan finished his vows, Lotte found it hard not to just skip to the kissing part right there. He'd always been so, so good with words, but this, really? This was just unfair. Out of the pair, though both could flirt and banter and be witty 'til the end of time, Nolan certainly was better at it. When it came time for her to speak, she turned her head slightly towards the witnesses, the smallest of giggles escaping her, one hand pressed daintily to her lips as she tried to compose herself. Everything was blurred and she was shocked at how much she could cry when she was so happy. She licked her lips as she turned back to Nolan, the bouquet held limply in her right hand as she grabbed Nolan's with her left, her smaller fingers curling around his.''

  • name: Charlotte Elyse Price (nee Novak)
  • nickname(s): Char, Lotte, Elyse, 'Lyse, Red, No, Novak
  • affiliation: Treymaine
  • residence: Unknown. Postal adress: P.O. Box 14225, Gaimen City
  • gender: Female
  • born: 1981, June 5th
  • parents: Jackson Novak (father), Joséphine Roux (mother)
  • siblings: Michael Novak (brother)
  • romances: Craig (last name unknown, father of her child), Lourdes Torres (ex), Nolan Price (spouse)
  • children: Brigitte Novak (daughter)
  • occupation: Singer at Brubeck
  • portrayal: Tiah Eckhardt
  • canon / original: original
  • played by: Laurel

Early History

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Gaimen City

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Love Life

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