Bryce Iliard

Bryce Iliard is a fictional canon character of Gaimen City


''Most of us are born with an innate sense of what is right and what is wrong, what is justified and what is not, when to stop and when to keep going. We are conditioned and shaped by society’s influence as well as our own common sense into a (supposedly) well-adjusted member of the human population, joining with our peers into normal lives and normal relationships. We do not go out of our way to injure our fellow man nor do we freely choose to inflict as much agony in the shortest amount of time possible. Sadly, this naturally embedded consciousness of morality seems to be the only area that the eldest Iliard boy is lacking when considered against the perfect Golden Boy stereotype that has been cast from a molded template of wealth and prominence.

  • name: Bryce Lachlan Iliard
  • nickname(s): Bry
  • affiliation: de Winter
  • residence: Unknown
  • gender: Male
  • born: 1981, June 21st
  • parents: Baen Iliard (father, deceased), Kelly Iliard (mother, deceased)
  • siblings: Blake Iliard (younger brother, location unknown), Lainie Iliard (younger sister, deceased)
  • romances: Abigail Ryan (stalks her)
  • children: None
  • occupation: Hitman
  • portrayal: Ewan McGregor
  • canon / original: canon
  • played by: Tori

Early History

Iliard. For generations that name has equaled loyal service to the de Winter crime family, holding various positions, but the most common being that of a hitman or assassin. His great-grandfather, grandfather, uncle, and father were all loyal – to the death in fact – de Winter hitmen. When Bryce was born, his fate was determined from the get go, and luckily for him, he found an immediate passion. Each one of the men in the family preferred one type of specialty in their field, his father was a sniper for example, and his uncle an expert with knives, and it was obvious from a young age that the eldest of the new generation was to become a poisons expert.

Even as a baby he enjoyed mixing up strange concoctions, mixing different things together just to see what happened. His younger brother, born two years after him, was often the victim forced to drink these. Lucky for him that Bryce had no knowledge of what combinations could kill yet. The pair, and their younger sister who would be born when Bryce was 4, were inseparable as youngsters, always causing mischief and havoc with the rather large extended family.

His childhood passed in a relatively normal fashion; well, as normal as it could be with a father who killed for a living and random rifles and knives lying around the house, often bloody. But when he was fourteen, Bryce discovered two shocking, well, shocking to him at least, things simultaneously. The first was that not everyone regarded death so callously as his family did. He honest to goodness thought that everyone else in the world didn't care about it either, and it was so surprising to him to learn that many regarded killing as wrong.

The second thing simply blew Bryce's mind. His own brother was that way. Him, an Iliard. Blake hadn't meant to reveal the secret, and the twelve year old begged his brother not to tell. The eldest son reluctantly agreed, citing his reasons as the fact that he didn't want his brother to die. It was also around this time that Bryce experienced the first of the losses that would litter his late teenage years. His uncle had apparently pissed off the wrong people with one of his last hits, and they took revenge with a hit of their own.

It was the first time Bryce had experienced the flip side of death, and while he didn't like it, he had long understood the fleetingness of life, and thus it didn't bother him as much as some of the others. Three years passed, and Bryce was getting ready to go off to college when the word of another death reached the family, this time his father. This time it seemed to be an 'accident', with the car Baen had been driving found in the river. The remainder of the family knew this was not true, but they said nothing.

Bryce went away to college, at Bastyr University in Washington State to earn his degree in Herbalism. During his junior year, his mother contacted him with the news of another loss; only this one was slightly different. Blake had run away. No one knew where he went, only that he had vanished without a note or trace. His mother was devastated, and for one of the only times in his life, Bryce felt guilty. He knew why Blake was gone, and felt that he might have prevented it had he only revealed the information about him to his mother soon. He never told her, and regretted it when she died less then a year later.

His sister too. The pair was having lunch quietly at the family home when shots broke out, and they were found lying quietly in pools of their own blood a few hours later. An enraged Bryce flew home immediately, and quickly tracked down the hitman responsible. Several incredibly painful concoctions later, and the two men were dead. He still doesn't know what family, if any they belonged to. Deciding against returning to college, the twenty-two year old informed the head of the family that he was ready to take up the Iliard mantle of hitmen and work for the family. He hasn't looked back since.

As an hitman

Since returning to Gaimen at twenty-two, Bryce has been heavily involved in de Winter affairs, and has been personally responsible for the deaths of at least 100 people, if not more. He really doesn't keep track. He prefers to keep more of a low cover about his job, though many of the de Winters know who he is, and a lot of the older crowd who knew his family. And of course those who make it their business to know things like that. As long as they don't interfere, Bryce really doesn't care.

His prefered method of killing is poison, and he's got three quarters of an Herbalism degree to prove he knows what he's doing. Oh yeah, and the trail of bodies in his wake. That might provide some proof too. It's not uncommon to find one of Bryce's victims not only dead, but in postions that make it obvious that they were in great pain before they died. After all, what fun is a quick painless death? Bryce takes great care to mix ingrediants together that will yeild quite the… unique… results.


Bryce always got along with his family, because after all, the Iliards always stuck together. In order to tough it out in the world, they had to work to survive because being hitmen wasn't always popular. So it wasn't exactly a normal childhood, not by any stretch of the imagination, but it was home. The Iliards were a happy family, at least on the surface. Blake wouldn't agree. That's why it broke all of their hearts when he ran away.

Bryce regrets that his family is all dead and gone, and mourns for them, but has long understood the fleetingness of life - because after all, wouldn't a hitman know this the best?

Love Life

Currently single and planning to stay that way, at least for now, Bryce is the kind of man who likes to go out on the town and find a buxom blonde to take home and sleep with. Superficial? Yep. Immature? Probably. Fun? Oh yeah.

But underneath Bryce kind of wishes for a deeper honest relationship, but it would have to be the kind of woman who could get, then hold, his attention. And be willing to have a child, preferably male. Beause after all, Bryce doesn't want to be the last Iliard. What would the de Winters do without the long line of hitman and assassins who will gladly do their jobs and even pay for it with their lives as the majority of the family has already?

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