Brigade HQ

Brigade HQ is the Gaimen City version of the law.

The Brigade functions the same way as the Police do in our reality. Their ranks follow that of the Australian Police Force.

Officers are promoted on merit or by doing personal favours for Families. The Brigade in Gaimen City is split 3 ways - de Winters, Treymaines and Jades, with officers from each affiliation usually showing favouritism to their preferred Family. However, the necessity for a strong system of order is recognised, so cooperation is of the utmost importance. Deals are struck by barter and bribe and, for the most part, the system is wholly corrupt and unjust.

The Chief Commissioner is Atticus Conroy who is de Winter publicly but privately working for the Libertines. He has converted countless Officers to the Libertine cause - his task being to have the majority on the Libertines side when and if a coup is staged.

Table of Contents

Law and Order

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