Blue Moon Gypsy

Blue Moon Gypsy is fictional store in Gaimen City.

The 'Gypsy' is a New Age Store in Treymaine territory owned and operated by Astrid Wilding. Ocassionally, she is assisted by Iadara Flynn.

The Gypsy sells candles, books, incense, 'hippie' clothes, herbs, potions and likeminded products. Astrid also provides tarot and palmistry readings from the store.

Unknown to the public, the house at the back of the store is used as a hiding place for refugees from the Families and is part of Emmaus Ring.

The Gypsy … seemed to lift spirits when they passed through the doors. It was full of interesting and curious things, good vibrations and a wholesome air. Astrid was pleased with the way it had grown over the years. It didn't always seem like a shop, an inanimate building. Sometimes it seemed to have its own personality: from the electricity that flickered when Astrid was upset, to the spiders that lived in the corners, to the board that seemed to creak "welcome" every time someone stepped over the threshold. It was the only place that Astrid truly felt at home. It was part of her. Astrid had no successor for the Gyspy, but had not yet given up hope. It would go on. Someone would be happy here when she was gone.


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