Black and White Ball

The Black and White ball is an annual event in Gaimen City, hosted by the de Winter Family.

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++++85th Annual Black and White Ball, 2008

The Annual de Winter Black and White ball in 2008 was disturbed by an attack by the Libertines.

It was executed as the launch of the Nessun Dorma! campaign, a stepping-stone to Libertine occupation in Gaimen City.

The offensive was triggered by the orchestra in both the Boathouse (public party) and the Yacht (VIP party) when they began to play Nessun Dorma! 8 Libertine Commandos opened fire - some with specific targets and others just to cause confusion and mayhem. The final act of the Libertines was to blow up the Spirit of Ulysses, the private yacht of Harrison de Winter.

8 Libertines were killed, going willingly to their deaths for the cause. Janis was the only Libertine to leave alive and undiscovered.

Stella de Winter, Corran Treymaine and Alex Jade were shot and rushed to Gaimen General Hospital, each making full recoveries.

Some 39 people were injured and 28 killed, including Dario Rasmussen who was killed in crossfire.

The Libertines did not claim responsibility. Instead, they allowed suspicion to fall on the Jades and other outside families.

Notable characters in attendance: Harrison de Winter, Stella de Winter, Daniel Baylor, Jericho Ezra, Corran Treymaine, Catherine Treymaine, Evan Treymaine, Freya Bellegarde, Gael Jade, Devi Jade, Daniella Jade, Cameron Jade, Alex Jade, Ciara Martin, Julian Luckdragon, Sasha Darling, So-young Lee, Abigail Ryan, Liam Mason, Astrid Wilding, Dario Rasmussen, Eleanor Haley, Derek Kane, Sophia Valeriu, Cassidy Reason, Rayne Eleison, Kelly DeWitt, Lalita Chopra, Lucian Panchova, Jaelin Queen.

++++86th Annual Black and White Ball, 2009

Determined not to allow their image to be shaken by the Libertines, the de Winters hosted the 2009 Ball. An entire floor of Casino Andromeda was set aside for the function, the Public Party on one side and the VIP on the other, separated by a large domed glass ceiling overlooking a conservatory below.

The Libertines were not the protagonists. Family rivalries and vendettas coupled with paranoia that the Libertines would strike resulted in assassins and thugs for the Families turning against one another. The power to the floor and the one above and below went out, the two lifts set aside for the party freezing. Guests were forced to hide or take the stairs down in order to escape.

There were over 30 deaths recorded and more than 40 injuries. Many died in the stampede to get to the lobby before power and order were restored.

Notable citizens in attendance: Harrison de Winter, Stella de Winter, Daniel Baylor, Samson Baylor, Jericho Ezra, Stephania Luccidello, Corran Treymaine, Catherine Treymaine, Evan Treymaine, Thomas Dylan, Lourdes Torres, Hannibal Krane, Nolan Price, Charlotte Price, Alexander Street, Gael Jade, Devi Jade, Alex Jade, Cameron Jade, Jaelin Queen Nathaniel Porter, Abigail Ryan, Dee Ryan, James Lyman, Astrid Wilding, Ines Moreno, Charles Lyman, Anika Chandra, Celine LeDesma, Kyle LeDesma, Rosalie Paleste, Jake Austin, Sarasponda Sinclair, Breece Lachlan, Victoria Treymaine, Natalie Michaels, Julian Luckdragon, Hannah Conroy, Atticus Conroy, Bethany Kingston, Darren Logan, Gilbert Sykes, Simon Halloran, Jennifer Kelly, Rayne Eleison, Kelly DeWitt, Noemie Desjardins, John Smith, Lily Swift, Michael Morelli, Lance Taylor, Vanessa Gastineau, Cassidy Reason, Abel Jordan, Theresa Garland, Cordelia Stanwick, Ciara Martin, Jianyu Pak, Misha Szpilman, Jamal Merrick, Ginger Stone, Ari Koell.


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