Ari Koell

Ari Koell is a fictional canon character of Gaimen City


''It's better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.''

  • name: Ari Heidrich Koell
  • nickname(s): Doctor Koell, Doc, Bro (by Alfons)
  • affiliation: de Winter
  • residence: Amestris Way, #135; Koell Medical Clinic
  • gender: Male
  • born: 1981, October 11
  • parents: Edward Koell (father- deceased), Lyddie Koell (mother- deceased)
  • siblings: Alfons Koell (younger brother)
  • romances: Ian O'Bryan (lover), Various affairs/lovers/boyfriends
  • children: None
  • occupation: Doctors General Practitioner, specialty in Surgery
  • portrayal: Boyd Holbrook
  • canon / original: Original
  • played by: Kai

Early History

In all fairness, Ari’s beginnings weren’t exactly news-worthy. Lyddie and Edward Koell were much like any other average couple, having their first child on October 11th, 1981 at no particularly interesting time of day; as if the couple wasn’t overjoyed enough at the arrival of their son, Edward’s position within the De Winter family was keeping them solidly afloat.

At first, Ari was much like any other infant, learning to walk and talk at average timing and toddling after his mother and father around the house, whoever would pay attention to him; Edward would reserve bragging rights that their son’s first word was “Dada” (after much encouragement from Edward to get Ari to talk), and it was perhaps that small start that would serve for Ari to grow so close to his father when he was older.

It would be at around age 3 that Lyddie and Edward noticed that Ari was not as average as he seemed; picking up the children’s books his parents read to him every night, it didn’t take long before Ari was sounding out letters, then words, and finding that reading on his own was just as much fun. His parents, in response, quickly supplied their son with more material, and by the time he was 7, Ari was reading smoothly.

For a while, the sudden fascination with books would be the highlight of Ari’s childhood; when he was 8, though, there came a new addition to the family. When Lyddie was rushed off to the hospital, Ari would hours later be introduced to his baby brother Alfons. At first, he was far from thrilled at the idea of having to share his parents with the big-eyed infant, though as Alfons grew older and began following after his big brother, Ari quickly became attached.

It would be at 10 that Ari and his father would come to be as close as they were before his death 11 years later; Edward, seeing the great potential in his older son, took Ari to work with him to show the boy his living. As a doctor, there was obviously a lot about the profession that even an educated adult wouldn’t understand, much less 10-year-old Ari, but almost right off the bat, the older Koell boy was fascinated by his father’s job.

Gaimen City

Skip ahead to high school and age 16; Alfons being at 8 years old, Ari was a doting older brother and a visibly brilliant student, excelling in science in particular (though he was far from thrilled about mathematics or government). It was about this time that Ari was looking very seriously into medical science, and with Edward’s guidance developed his trademark work ethic.

A moment of notes; Ari’s closeness with Alfons and his parents over the course of his childhood and adolescence would leave a deep impression in him for the rest of his life, the source of his compassion for other people and the desire to improve lives. Edward’s tutelage in his field shaped his hunger for knowledge and strong work ethic, and combining these two elements would serve to make the most solid aspects of his identity.

While Ari was in medical school, in order to pay off his large debt from student loans, he spent a short amount of time in the modeling business, though he was more than happy to leave once he graduated and had saved up enough money to pay for most of his loans. He does, however, have a portfolio given to him by his recruiter when he left, which he keeps up in the attic and does not look at.


It would be when Ari was 21 years old and beginning medical school when the Koell family’s otherwise bright history was marred; news arrived at the household that Edward, on one of his usual house calls to a patient, had died. Investigators determined the cause of death to be that Edward had been drunk and fallen over the railing on the top of a building, tagging his grief at losing a patient to be the reason for his intoxication. Ari, devastated and confused, was far from convinced and to this day suspects foul play. In his grief, he started an affair with a much older man in an attempt to fill the gap left behind in the wake of his father's death; the man, Ian O'Bryan, eventually caught on to Ari's motives, and gently broke off their relationships after helping the young man through some of his grief.

Lyddie was even more devastated by the news, and hardly a year after Edward’s death, passed herself of illness and grief. Alfons, still only 14, was taken in by his brother (22 at the time) and would balance taking care of his brother with finishing his studies for the next several years. Though he would later develop insomnia from his lifestyle, Ari did not complain even after Alfons graduated school and moved out on his own.


For a short time while Ari was caring for Alfons, he did a bit of modeling in order to keep up an income to pay bills as well as cover some of the cost of his student loans, though almost as soon as Alfons moved out and later finishing medical school, Ari dropped out. It has, though, accounted for his sense of style when in or out of the office.

It would be just a few weeks after Lyddie's passing that Ari would come across Atticus; at first, he would prove very wary of the Brigade commissioner, convinced that there was foul play involved with the investigation concerning his father's death. However, with a few gentle but wise words, Ari was quick to open up to the elder man and let Atticus take him under his wing; albeit that he was unlike Edward, Atticus proved to be a solid shoulder to lean on, and with time Ari came to consider him as a father figure.

From there, Ari graduated medical school with his license, and has since resumed work with his father’s ties to the De Winter family.


One of Ari's most noteworthy traits is, besides perhaps his breakneck work ethic, is his devotion and love for his family; in particular, Edward was Ari's greatest role model and idol and helped to mold much of the personality that defines him today. He would spend much of his time with Edward, especially from high school onward when he started taking an interest in his father's profession as a doctor, and decided he wanted to follow in his footsteps.

Now, it's not to say that Ari didn't love his mother; he simply did not spend as much time with her as he did with his father. He did, however, spend most of his early years with his mother while Edward was working and had less time for his young son; it was Lyddie who discovered Ari's above-average intelligence and went great lengths to supply him with books to read…. and she would also later be the one to give Ari his reading glasses for fear he would strain his eyes. In any case, though, Ari considered himself a son to love his mother, even if he didn't spend the amount of time with her he did with Edward.

Alfons, Ari's younger brother and all the family he has left, has more or less become his priority; having raised Alfons on his own after their parents' passing, unable to bear the idea of being separated, and having already been close as children, Ari is very close to and protective of his little brother. In particular, he's been known to dig the younger Koell out of spats and disputes in his middle school and high school years. Much as he dislikes fighting, Ari does not hesitate to step in to keep his brother safe. What with Alfons having moved out and trying to find his own way in the world, he still worries about him, but has become more lenient in watching over him.

Love Life

While Ari has had lovers and boyfriends in the past, having come out and become comfortable with his sexuality in high school, since opening his clinic has had very little time for a social life. As of late, most potential suitors fall off the radar after a few dates, but Ari doesn't particularly mind.

Most notable was the period of time between Edward's death and meeting Atticus was an affair Ari had with a much older man by the name of Ian O'Bryan; heartbroken at the loss of his beloved father and confused with the feelings of grief that accompanied, Ari began a relationship with a man about his father's age in an attempt to fill the hole Edward had left behind. It wasn't to say that Ian was unkind to Ari; on the contrary, Ian helped him come to terms with many of the overwhelming emotions that he experienced. However, that relationship didn't last after that, and they broke up.


Ari’s love of books and a hunger for intellectual pursuit has made him an ideal mind for his profession, and he spends much of his time on the lookout for subjects he is interested in, adding to his collection at home that he keeps well-read. It goes without saying, especially to those who have spoken to Ari (pun not intended), that he’s a very intelligent man despite his young age. He absolutely cannot stand it when people underestimate his abilities because of his age, though Ari is often quick to prove someone wrong.

In the case of medical situations, Ari is able to function under pressure and make split-second decisions, a trait especially useful in the operating room… or wherever else it might be he has to act fast to save a life. With his profession, Ari is unfazed by grotesque wounds, blood or naked bodies; it’s a characteristic his patients usually find comforting, if a bit unnerving when one cannot tell what he’s thinking.

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