Archived characters

Archived original characters, organized by player.

Rosalyn Whittaker by Beth
Loki Viktor by Bryn
Madison Casey by Courtney 2
Lily Swift by Gates
Alice Heartland by Harmony
Persia Strange by Lady
Taylor Pell by Jamie
Lucas Santiago by Jess
Ashton Abercrombie by Johnathan
Evita Mendez by Joni
Mattox Griffin by Josh
Isobella de la Rosa by Kae
Katja Jaeger & Rebekah Tohler by Kat
Maeve Morgan by Katie
Desmond Drake & Frank Trentino by Lei
Emilia de la Rosa by Lil
Juliet Van Arden by Liz
Christopher Jarrett by Lou
Brynn Reese & Philip West by Mack
Kevin Blankenship by Nora
Vincent Tahoe by Randall
Keva Prescovia by Rie
Moira Hunter by Ruby
Miho Maybee by Sarah
Rahab Christinel by Saga
David Alexandre by Seya
Harlow Ghilchrist by Tanith
Bryce Iliard by Tori
Matthias Paul by TJ

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