Abigail Ryan

Abigail Ryan is a fictional canon character of Gaimen City


''In spite of herself, Abigail flushed under Stella's flurry of compliments, finding it almost hard to take. She only wished that she could see herself in such a way, but the truth was that sometimes, but only sometimes, it was hard for her to look in a mirror. People had complimented her before on how she looked, but the truth of the matter was that she could never really get passed that awkward stage she'd encountered growing up. She knew that she'd never be able to physically see the woman that others claimed to, so she had long since given up on trying. As for intelligence? She owed that to the fact that while her sister and friends were out having fun, she chose instead to stay home and study. She always resented that aspect of herself…the 'not having been born with a fun gene' aspect, as she called it. Abigail had always pushed herself, mainly so that her sister wouldn't have to, but the end result had been the emergence of someone that Abby hadn't been proud of.

  • name: Abigail Ryan
  • nickname(s): Abby, Abs
  • affiliation: Jade
  • residence: Loft 1508, Horizon Estates, Cloverdale St.
  • gender: Female
  • born: 1983, November 7th
  • parents: Garret Ryan (father), Lydia Ryan (mother)
  • siblings: Dee Ryan (twin sister), Joseph Diamond (unknown brother)
  • romances: Julian Luckdragon (ex boyfriend), Jericho Ezra (interested), Samson Baylor (pursued by)
  • children: None
  • occupation: Curator at the Bell&Brush
  • portrayal: Natalie Portman
  • canon / original: canon
  • played by: Courtney

Early History

Two for the price of one. Double trouble. Depending on who you ask, one thing is undeniable: the arrival of twins into a family creates a world that only a fellow twin could ever truly understand. From birth, Abigail Ryan had been assigned the role of leader and protector over her twin sister Dee, which became a sort of defining characteristic for her, to this day, is a title that she takes very seriously and refuses to take for granted.

She was always a serious child, only ever engaging in silliness when prompted by Dee or when in the company of her beloved grandmother, which often left her relatives and their friends to remark on what sort of woman she would be


Gaimen City

The Bell&Brush is Abigail's pride and joy. The



The Ryan family, while far from the eternally-happy nuclear family, is still one that is bound by love. Abigail and Dee never exactly fit into the kind of lifestyle that their parents would have liked, but for all their bantering about how "crazy" their parents are, neither Abby nor De can ever say that they feel truly resentful of them. Truthfully, Garret and Lydia appear to have done the best they could in raising their girls, given the era in which they raised them. The yuppie subculture of the 1980s ensured that Garret would be forever entwined with his job and briefcase, while Lydia would always cling to some sort of escapism while she raised her girls…but all the same Abigail and her sister were loved more than anything in the world. It's a hard concept for some people to grasp, perhaps, that two people that would essentially just give their twins daughters the same name, could ever be capable for loving selflessly, but, despite their questionable parenting tactics, the Ryan twins never doubled how much they were cared for.

Although her parents would happily give her anything in the world, if she were only to ask, Abigail's closest adult relation was her maternal grandmother, Cecilia Horne, who taught Abby to be as strong and independent as she is to this day. A woman far ahead of her time, Grammy Cecilia instructed her granddaughters to seek out lives of their own, outside of the family sphere, and attempted to bestow upon the girls the means to get by independently (through pearls of wisdom, sewing techniques and recipes to spare)

The Ryan family might not be conventional, given the fact that a dinner party hosted by Lydia is more likely to occur in order to impress some foreign banker than to catch up with family members, and Abigail might not always speak of it in the warmest of terms, but she truly does love her relatives, and would be hard-pressed to truly go against them.

Of course…there is that little matter of Joseph Diamond
This mysterious young man bears such a striking resemblance to Garret Ryan that when she first met him Abigail was so struck by it that she could barely speak. After learning that Diamond couldn't remember certain years of his past and noting how those years perfectly synced up with the years in her own parents' history perfectly, she's begun to investigate. There are no birth records for a "Joseph Diamond", she's learned. Not anywhere she can find. And now that she's been spending some time with him…and has learned just how natural a bond they can forge…she can't help but wonder…

…could she have a brother?

Love Life

Abigail Ryan is not a woman that is easily wooed. Even from her early teen years she would prove to be a difficult woman to appeal to, for she was never easily swayed by anyone, regardless of how handsome or charming they might be. Samson Baylor can vouch for this, as he's been attempting to charm her for so long that it's practically become a hobby of his by now, as she keeps rejecting him. That's not to say that that she's impervious to Cupid's arrow, however…


The first man to ever make a lasting impression on Abigail's heart was Julian Luckdragon, and though their relationship soured beyond repair Abigail will still admit that if she had the opportunity to go back and stop herself from falling in love with him, she wouldn't. He broke her heart, but he helped her to become the woman that she is today, and for that she will always be grateful. Julian was a charmer, yes, but more than that he wasn't afraid to stand up to her when she was at her worst. He pursued her for months and his devotion to that cause eventually wore down Abigail's defenses and she allowed him into her life. They loved each other, and during the time that they were together they were perfect. They tolerated each other's faults and cherished each other's merits. It could have been wonderful, but there was a part of Julian that always hungered for more than he had…so though he had Abby, his eye wandered. When he was unfaithful to her, Julian confessed. He'd always been honest with her, after all. But Abby…Abby couldn't accept that. She couldn't forgive him and so their relationship ended. He still loved her, but she…she just couldn't look at him the same way after that. He had been the first man that she'd ever loved enough to trust, and he'd broken that. And so, it was over.

Abigail's mother tried setting her up with friends of the family, lawyers and business men mostly, but Abigail simply wasn't interested. She threw herself into her work, pushing aside any thoughts of dating or the like. She didn't want to think about it. Of course, it is as they say: it's only when you aren't looking that something finally finds you…


Currently, Abigail's romantic dry-spell has take an interesting turn. Jericho Ezra is the sort of man that she'd never have met on her own: he's the bodyguard of Harrison de Winter and a devout de Winter supporting himself. While Abby ran with the intellectual art-loving crowd, Jericho would have only encountered those sorts by shadowing Harrison. Indeed, their first encounter with one another was hardly conductive toward any sort of romance at all: they met at the Black and White ball, introduced by Stella who had taken it upon herself to try to foist Abby onto the nearest single male. They barely had any time to interact before the bullets began flying, though through Jericho's quick thinking, Abby was kept out of harm's way. As a way of thanking him for saving her life, she went him a gift and he, in turn, appeared at the gallery with flowers and his puppy, Sugar, in his arms. He'd intended to simply apologize for leaving her on her own after securing her safety, but the visit went on and through a series of mis-adventures (thanks to large picture frames and Abby's intrusive staff) they parted on friendly terms, endeared to one another. It didn't end there, though:
In a scene right out of a romantic comedy Stella had again worked at fixing the two up together, unaware of what had happened at the Bell and Brush. They had been unknowingly set up with one another at a dinner party, which had wound up crashed byThe Baylors. Though the dinner party had been ruined, Abigail did leave Jericho with a kiss on the cheek when they parted.
Following this came exchanges of birthday and Christmas gifts between the two and Abigail invited him to Sophia's birthday party with her. It might not seem like much, but it was a big step for her…

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